portion sizes on EE

Pudgy Panda

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Hi just wondering what your plate looks like on EE?

When i went to classes my consultant said to pile the plate full so its practically falling off, making sure you have 1/3 superfree and free foods...

so when your cooking and serve up is your food spilling over - now i am just filling normal plate and trying to keep it into 1/3 sections to see what i am actually eating
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Im on day 3 of EE and so would like to hear peoples views on this im doing 3rd veg ect, but not going over board with the other food, its scary, and cant wait to see if ive lost on EE, ive only ever done green/red in the past , thursday weigh day, fingers crossed


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I just serve myself normal portions. Generous but certainly not spilling over the plate! I suggest going by how you feel rather than a specified quantity. Serve yourself what you think is an average sized meal and see if you could do with more, can barely finish it or if it was just right. After a while you're able to judge quantities better. I don't think it's a good idea to eat until you're uncomfortably full just because your consultant said so. Only you would be the best judge of that.


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I do green but still have atleast 1/3 superfree food with my dinner. Portion sizes differ depending on what it is, but at the end of the day, free is guilt free, just fill the plate with whatever you need to satisfy yourself :)


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It is funny what different consultants say. Mine says you have to be really careful with portion size on extra easy.

It's confusing that they all seem to say different things...