post xmas restart not going well....


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I just cant get into it and I am driving myself mad feeling like a real failure. I gained 5 lbs over xmas and my WI is tomorrow and id say i could have gained another 2:cry::cry:

I need a kick in the ass - i really want to lose weight and feel better, I just dont seem to want to put the effort in - any words of advice or kicks welcome
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I think a lot of us have struggled to get back on board but the worst thing you can do is label yourself a failure.

Even if it takes you 3,4,5 weeks to get back on board - you'll do it. And what is 3,4,5 weeks out of a lifetime? Next to nothing!

So don't beat yourself up anymore. Take a deep breath, smile ruefully and plan some interesting tasty meals that will inspire you xx


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You are not alone on this. Group hug needed i think.


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hey i agree totally i took most of december off as temptation was just too much! and struggling to get back into it as i know I had holiday coming up and its all inclusive so gona pile on the pounds lol!

after holiday tho hopefully feel refreshed and ready to go go go!

best of luck getting back into it just remember how good you will feel when the pounds start falling off again :) feels better than cake tastes! :p



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I really find it helpful to try something different to regain focus.

So, if you normally do red/green make a new start with EE. If you normally do EE, why not try and alternate between all 3 days or focus on the 3rd superfree and superfree snack thing.

I think trying something new makes it all feel a bit fresh and can help with motivation. We all get into bad habits of 'tweaking' the plan so a fresh start with a bit of a new plan/scedule could be what you need to put a bit of focus back in it

Good luck


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:whoopass::whoopass::whoopass:there you go, do you feel better. You asked for it :D

I want to give you this :gen126::flowers: and say keep going, we have all had xmas off I
think and were all feeling the same way about gettng back on board, so if ever you need to shout and scream switch on your caps (that means you are shouting in case you didnt know) and do it with all us. :D


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Last week I did 50% SW, 50% unhealthy, but still managed to lose 1 pound at WI yesterday. Knowing that I have paid for a countdown I really want to get my money's worth, so that is motivation enough for me :)
Also have a little holiday planned soon, so need at least 1 more stone off before March!
Try not to keep or buy any tempting foods :)



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Il get in on this group hug .. ((hugs))

- i too gained 5lbs, and 1.5 the previous week, that was almsot half a stone in 2 weeks. - if i can get back on plan so can you hon.. You can do this xx


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sending you a hug hon I have been doing it about 50% but still cant get my head into it we will do it together -
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I know exactly how your feeling as well! I haven't been to weigh in for about four weeks because of Christmas/New Year and then because of all the snow. I have weighed myself at home and I have put on at least 5lb!!!

I'm being weighed on Thursday and going to buy a 12 week countdown and just try to get stuck in. I find the food diaries on here quite helpful as well as the thread with the photo's of food that people have made!!

Good luck and just keep with it!! :)

Mrs V

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I gained 16lb over the break Hun, so never fear! Lol
I would take time to plan your meals and create a food diary. Have a look at the food diaries on here to give you some ideas.
The most important thing is that you are willing to put things behind you admit that you have gained and trying to move on.
It will click again Hun and you will get back on track...just make sure that you come on here as often as you can and go to class!

Take care



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I managed to stay the same over christmas and new year and then the first wi of Jan I gained 3lb and been properly on plan last week. Not sure if its mainly from * week, I damn hope so. Its hard getting back on track but the benefits will be soooooo worth it. ((((hugs))))


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I have posted a similar thread just now, could have saved time and added to here! :)

I am still waiting for 1st loss on 2010, my classes ahve been jumbled because of the snow, and today is the first time i have stayed less than 15 syns, and I do EE - so 15 syns is a lot really!.

I had over 30 one day! ohps. :S

I find the easiest way to get back on track - is to do a food diary on SW website, log in and just track and work out everything, and measure everything, I measure everything except milk, but only use it in tea and make sure I have no more than 6 cups a day, thats close enough for me for now.

but seriously track, and when you feel you have gone off the diet a lot, when you look at it, its not really that bad and you can see how a few small changes can help you get things back together again.

good luck. xx


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Thanks everyone - right we will all do it together = thats it we are back on track and planning meals for the week ahead!! - we are doing it, this is our year!!


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good for you! we can all do it, we just need to focus, get some serious weight off before easter!


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Here here fellow strugglers - I'm with you and we're all going to do it (it just takes a bit of time) !


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Been there SO many times myself!Don't give up, break the cycle!you WILL get there, we all will but we all have to realise it will take a bit of time and effort!Whatever the scales tomorrow say remember you have the power to change it!xx