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Post Xmas:: Should I go back to SS ?


Wants to shed pounds more
I have been on the diet since 1st Sept and had lost 3 stone. Put on 9lb over Xmas(thought it was 8 then rechecked scales - horrors!!!). Have restarted from where I left off as from 1st Jan but am finding this a struggle.

I know it will be better when son is back at school and hubby back at work and all the food/decorations/tree have gone, but should I retrace my steps and go back to SS and if so, for how long? Or should I just grit my teeth and try to stick where I was before where I was losing a constistant 2-3lb per week?

Will consult my CDC on Monday, but would love your points of view - thanks :)
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It depends on how time pressured you are I guess. If you want to see results fast then do SS or SS+. If you just want to get there in the end with more food in your belly then do a higher plan.

I'm time pressured so I'm doing SS+ (SS made me ill).

So it's up to you what's more important. Either way will get you there in the end if you stick to it....but the journey is different! If I had more time I'd be on a higher plan I think.


Wants to shed pounds more
I understand how it is - I havent a time frame, but I am finding it tougher than I expected. I was just wondering whether it is easier when you are properly in ketosis and I am not sure that I am yet.
only started cd for first time so can;t really help much

I just wanted to say, good luck and remember the reasons why you want to lose weight, and why you chose CD
Hey hun, only you can make this decision. It does get easier once in ketosis most definitely, but only if your head's in the right place. If you're not in the right frame of mind you'll only find a way to talk yourself out of it (I should know, done it myself enough times). But only you can know if you're in the right place now or not. Good luck!

Guessing you were on 810? Ive just moved up to 1000 so can sort of relate to that . Personally i'm happy going a bit slower as it will hopefully make it smoother but its completely your choice :)
btw that xmas gain will sonn drop off, I had 13lbs and it went within 5 days of strict 1000 plan.
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