Low and behold I am back yet again.


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I restarted Lipotrim last Sept and was going ok...….This is why I came off it. October 8th my father in law passed away, oct 11 my elder sister diagnosed with terminal lung cancer (3 to 6 months but going strong :) x), oct 15th my darling mum passed away. I was really struggling emotionally, mid Nov my gorgeous daughter Jenny was admitted to hospital with a suspected brain bleed, thankfully this was ruled out but she was really poorly for about 2 weeks. Christmas fast approaching so delayed my restart. My 2nd mum (really my aunty) 84 yrs young went to hospital with a racing heart and was admitted, she was then told she was riddled with cancer, liver, lungs, kidney and spine and all they can offer is palliative care :(
I am back at work now so hopefully have pulled myself back upright and have restarted today. I am 60 on the 20th Feb and have a huge party arranged. I don't want to be 15stone any more. My goal is that I will do this religiously until the 20th Feb (Pre party on the 21st) and am hoping to have lost 3 stone. I know this is achievable as I lost 3 stone in 6 weeks in 2008. I cope really well during the week but tend to trip up at the weekends. BUT NO MORE!!!!!! I am going back on it after the party weekend so will need to come on here everyday to keep myself motivated. Hope to chat to you all soon
Sorry for both of the losses of your parents. And sorry to hear the sad news of your relatives being terminal. I can only imagine what you are going through. My best friend (32) was diagnosed with MND (Motor Nerone Disease) and I dont think he has long left at all. It's tough as he will be leaving behind 2 young children. I'm here if you ever need to talk :) not always on here. But I need to come on more as was doing well when I was using the forum. X
Oh Debbie I'm so sorry to hear about all the tragic losses in your life, so much all happening at once - life is very cruel sometimes, sending the biggest of big hugs xxxx

And Fruitloops hun. really sorry to hear about your friend. Looking forward to supporting you both on your weight loss journey xxx
Gosh Debbie whag a tough and traumatic year you have had.
Well done on restarting and focussing on the Feb date, we are all here for support, the odd whinge, a few moans and whatever else is needed.
Hello there,

Been reading through, and what a year you've had :( . Well done for keeping it together generally, and I look forward to watching your progress. Best wishes.
Hi and thanks everyone for your concern and best wishes. I cannot change what life throws my way but I can change me. It is day 3 and I am doing ok, drinking lots of water 3+ litres and running back and to the loo. On nights now for the next 5 days then the dreaded weekend. Good luck everyone on your losses and may there be many more. xx

PS Forgot to say scales reading 14.11 today so YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
I am so sorry. Be kind to yourself today, whatever that may look like. x
Thats tough Debbie sorry to hear that, take care.
Thanks for all your sweet messages. I am coping and back in work now and having my 1st shake, should be able to drink 4 1/2 ltrs of water today as I normally down 3 while at work and have already manage 1 1/2 at home. Tried on a dress for my party today, size 14 and yay I got it on, it is wool and quite stretchy 1950's pencil dress with Bardot shoulders. didn't quite work on my shoulders but I have 6 weeks to do something about that. Was impressed how nice it looked from the front. o_O
Bardot shoulders snd a pencil dress, thats brave
OMG what is the matter with me. All I can think about is food, (not even hungry) haven't succumbed though. Think what is keeping me sane is the scales; today they are showing 14.8 so 8lb gone and still 2 days to official weigh in. Just need to stay focused. :innocent0001:
Excellent news, and hooray for pencil dresses! :)
Hi Debbie, good to see you back. I’m sorry to hear how tough it’s been for you hun. We are always here if you need to talk.

Well done on a brilliant loss! It’s great to hear you’re feeling more positive x