PostBaby Weight Loss Needed

Hi to anyone who reads this :)
I love reading forums for support and encouragement so this is my attempt at holding myself accountable, but also maybe inspiring others to take the plunge for a healthier life

I lost my job Match 2020 due to covid - I was pregnant at the time and it was considered unsafe for me to work

Since then I’ve experienced life at home with my husband who is WFH, lockdowns, pregnancy and giving birth
I have gained so much weight - I feel utterly repulsive

I hate people seeing the way I look
And most days, I don’t even look in the mirror
I feel I have forgotten how to dress nicely too
I have previously had great success with VLCD, and feel calorie counting works best for me
My aim shall be to stick to 800-1000 calories per day for the next 3 months
Starting weight - 90.5kg
Goal weight under 60kg
So far today I have consumed 983 calories … and it is only 1.30pm 😂
Will update tonight how I’ve got on