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Potatoes On A Red Day....Syn Value?

Old, flesh & skin, raw, 57g 1.5 on red day

just looked it up as I'm having spuds tonight on a red day, after I'll have used my HEBs


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Hi its 1/2 a syn less without skin, thats according to my syn list which I think is fairly old. Maybe someone could confirm??
A question.... Would u say the actifry is a worthwhile imvestment? Have pondered for ages, just wonder if it will end up in the cupboard with the sandwich toaster, george forman, juicer and smoothy maker lol :D

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Nannis I would be lost without my actifry! It's one of my best investments!! My children hate 'ordinary' potatoes so I always make them roast potatoes for their dinner, I spray the potatoes with frylite and they are delicious, I don't mind if they have these 5 nights a week it's not like they are getting them fried in oil! I would definitely recommend getting one, mine is used 4-5 times a week :)

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Yes I think im defo going to invest in one, will take the george etc carbooting to put towards the actifry lol!!

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Sorry for being nosey I was just Reading this and I think u have convinced me to get an actifry aswell what else do u typically cook in it apart from spuds ?
Hi Aimee, I cookly mainly potatoes in it but I have cooked rice which I have steamed before hand then add it to the actifry with curry powder, sweetcorn and frozen peas, cook it for about 10 minutes and you have lovely vegetable rice, i've also cooked onion rings, chicken nuggets (proper breast ones not processed) wedges, roasted vegetables (carrots, parsnips etc)

A recipe book comes with it, you can cook chilli, curries, casseroles etc its brilliant

Make sure you shop around I think Curry's is the cheapest at the minute at £119
Ive ordered mine *excited* am really looking forward to chips!!

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Thats brilliant Nannis, where did you get it and how much?

To make the best chips....cut potatoes and put chips in water to drain off all the starch, dry them thoroughly with a tea-towel, generously spray the pan with frylite and add the potatoes and spray them aswell, shake the pan to make sure all the potatoes have been covered, cook for 20 minutes and spray again then cook for a further 15-20 minutes (depends on how many chips you are doing)....this will make the most delicious chips...enjoy!!


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Got the actifry today!! We are having sausage and mash for tea but I had to tryn it out with just one small potato!! I followed your instructions just adjusting the time a bit for one pot...... WOW!! I actually havent had home made proper chips since I was a kid! they tasted amazing :))

I think I overpaid as i orderes from catalogue! It was 189 with free delivery, foind a code! Did have a 20% off code but couldn't use it on electricals lol

I have a feeling its going to be worth every penny!!

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That's brilliant Nannis glad you're happy with it! Another wee gadget you might want to invest in is the rice cooker in Argos it's only £9.99 and it's the 2nd best electrical item I have purchased, it's Cookworks, it was £20+ and has been reduced to £10 I love it, we're big rice eaters in this house so it's always on the go!! :) I made rice last night in it with curry powder, frozen peas and sweetcorn it was gorgeous!!

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