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pre-weigh in


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my weigh-in, is early morning, so no breakfast or coffee until after,
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I am doing SW at home, so I WI first thing on Friday morning before my shower or my breakfast and in the 'nuddy' too, so I know I get an accurate weight every week.


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Mine is at 5pm so I eat breakfast normally but have my lunch at noon rather than at one, then I just try to have fruit & a little water int he afternoon but nothing passes my lips after 3pm until I have got weighed.


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my WI is in the evening - i try to have the same foods in the day, as i would on a non weigh day, so its not a false weigh in. I eat after my meeting at about 7:45 - not before!

I also wear the same clothing each week to class (jeans and a tee) and have a wee before i weigh!!! haha! its a routine i cant break!



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My weigh-in is at lunch time, i don't eat anything before, but i do have my morning actimel and i drink lots of water until about 11am.

i too wear the same clothes without fail. and this morning i weighed my leggings and then my tights (cause some times i wear tights, sometimes leggings!) my leggings weigh 42g and my tights 213g, so i wear tights! hahaha! i'm such a loser!
My wi is at 7pm
I eat breakfast & Lunch, but just drink after that. I know that this is a little silly, I wish wi was in the morning would make things easy!
I wear the same clothes to wi, its nice to feel them getting a little less snug x
I also make sure I have got a nice dinner cooked for when I get home. Im always very hungry by that time and would end up eating all the wrong things


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do your tights weigh more than leggings? im confused!!!

Ive got to make the swap to leggings for weigh in - jeans will not be worn in summer, i usually have combats, leggings or (gasp) skirts!

unless the cold weather never goes away and i have to live in jeans all year long! x
doh sorry, i did that wrong! my leggings weighed 213g's and my tights 42! sorry my bad!

i never thought i'd turn into a person who weighs her tights! hahahaha!
I weigh in at 5pm so I have breakfast & lunch but try not to snack on anything afterwards. Will sometimes have a piece of fruit but thats it. I do keep drinking though.

Always go for a wee!! haha & I also always wear jeans & a light top for WI. Yesterday I had to change into my jeans as i'd been in shorts all day but didn't want a weight loss just because i didn;t have my jeans on!


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I've been weighing in my work clothes, even if it meant getting changed on a day off! however, trousers now only just wearable, so in a few weeks I'll have to find some others that weigh similar!


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Sorry, I've no idea how to make this link smaller. Here's the results I found when searching for this exact thing a few weeks ago...

on weigh in day - Google Search


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ve breakfast the same lunch the same and drink water right up until my last wee before i get on scales lol


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My WI is at 630 so I have nothing from 1pm til afterwards!!! I usually end up eating a Hifi in class Im so starved after lol. I always wear my work clothes, no shoes, and a wee! xx


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Well obviously, I dont "wear" a wee. LOL!!
I tend to eat the same as I would normally but have my luncha bit earlier and have a Muller at 3ish (I weigh in at 6pm). I have worn the same clothes for the last 6 months, and change into them when I get home from work religiously - they're getting too big now so will have to get some more linen trousers! Always have a wee before I leave the house and try again (5 mins away) when I get to class! After WI I always have a Hex B cereal bar and a cup of coffee and a good ole goss with the group before IT starts! xx


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I tend to wear lightish clothes so they weight ,ore or less the same, and tend to try and eat the same as normal. My main meal is normally at night but recently I had biggish lunches instead and in both cases it showed I had a 2 pound gain...so I won't in future!

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