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Hello all,

on Thursday I found out that I am with child once again. Baby number three and Ava is still only 7 months old!

What a shock but I am happy and am looking forward to it all.

The issue now though, is that I cannot face green/red or anything in between. This happened the last time round, I didn't stuff my face and kept the weight down but all I could manage to keep down was tea and something sweet next to it.

I still have about a stone to lose and I know I can still keep losing safely if I continue with SW. Its just that I can't face it, LOL!

Any pregnant SW members out there?
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Firstly HUGE congrats - I know its a shock (been there lol) but what a lovely surprise to have :).

I don't have an answer for you re: following the plan when you can't follow it! I know I could never have followed it while pg as I suffered from such bad morning sickness I actually ended up on a drip and lost weight during the 1st 20 weeks! I know that there is a SW plan for pregnant ladies - could you check with your C ? I'm sure someone more knowledgeable will be along with a better answer than mine!

You must make sure you check with your midwife/dr that you are ok to carry on dieting, but I'd say switch to something calorie controlled for a bit til you feel better, that way your 'something sweet' bits can be counted and controlled. You can return to SW when you are ready. Don't deprive yourself - you will need your energy and strength with it being number 3 (and as you have 7 month old already) Rest up lots too.

Take care, and huge congratulations again. xx :)


Here we go again ..
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congrats hun ... just try and do your best if you managed to not gain to much last time im sure you will be fine his time to just go with the flow and let your body lead the way


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you may feel differently from week to week this time around too and find you are able to face the plan. the most important thing is... CONGRATS!!
Thank you so much!

I am very scared but thrilled at the same time, LOL!

My C says I just follow as normal and then get my midwife to sign a form so that I can still attend group.

I'll just take each day at a time. If could even lose 7lb then that would be great!!!

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Congrats, I'm pregnant 2 but can't really help as do it at home alone. :8855:

Things will change week 2 week as like u I couldn't keep anything down. I now want 2 eat like a pig but try & stick to the plan as much as poss.

Good luck with ur pregnancy. X


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Hey congratulations on your pregnancy......you will have to start a diary on the pregnancy without the pounds threads lol...look forward to hearing how you get on


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Firstly congratulations from me too :)

I am also pregnant and expecting my 3rd baby. I was doing SW on and off pre pregnancy and am just starting to feel ready to get back on it.

The early weeks are hard so don't be extra hard on yourself food-wise. I found it difficult to find things I wanted to eat or had the energy to make for the first 2/3 months, so I relaxed and had what I could stomach (mostly bread & butter!). Your body is working bloomin hard at the moment, so if you have a few weeks of eating what you can manage, do that. When you feel stronger and more able, I would say SW is the best plan to follow for you, and baby.

It took me a while to have the energy and inclination to cook, but am starting to get my motivation back and know SW is the right thing to do. It is so healthy, all the nutrients we need. Hurrah! :)

Good luck, let us know how you get on :D

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