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Pregnancy Rumours??

I've decided not to tell my family i'm doing CD for various reasons, however, this seems to be having some repurcussions.
My sister is absolutely convinced I am pregnant and has proceeded to tell everyone.
The thing is the signs are there.
I've stopped drinking alcohol, I used to always have milk in my tea, it now appears I can't stomach it and I'm forever running to the toilet.
They're going to be very disappointed when they find out the real reason, lol.
Anyone else had this problem?
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aww poor liz!! People is bound to talk about it. Im lucky in a way cuz i dont see familly that often and can get away with it just say oh i had something before i came etc. No one knows im doing cd either only my bf and you guys. Ive a couple of nights out soon but i bet once they hear im not drinking the rummours with run wild!!


Let’s do this!! d(*.*)b
Hee, hee,
No, cos my family know bout my CD.
But I like that excuse if someone gives me a hard time bout the alcohol :)


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oh bless them, that gave me a chuckle!!! well done on your losses so far, keep up the good work!
LOL if my hubby thought i was pregnant I think he would keel over and drop dead. I've told a few select friends but not everyone. My friend did LL and was always having to justify herself, especially when she got near to goal. She would be very polite and explain her reasons. Unfortunately I am not as patient and will probably tell every one to @*$% OFF and mind their own business. Not good for keeping friends I think !!!!
Ha ha, I read a thread recently where people where looking for excuses for not drinking and someone mentioned tell them you suspect your pregnant LOL.....

Keep them guessing I say :)


Skinny minny to be!!
My mum wasnt too happy when she found out abut the diet... she was really worried so I had to fib and tell her I was haveinh 1 normal meal per day plus the packs. That calmed her a bit.

A few others know about it too. Some of the women in work lecture me about it all the time which sucks ! :mad:

Ive lost loads of weight... feel good... look good so I dont care what the say but it is annoying having to explain yourself all the time. You should never have to explain yourself


Taking one day at a time.
Hello! This is my first day on this! Really sympathise with the hard time you are getting. Well done on a fab weight loss though!
Please can you tell me what the abbreviations mean? e.g. AAM and TOTM?
Thanks very much.
LM x
AAM-add a meal
TOTM-time of the month

LOL Liz...just keep saying no I'm not and when the weight drops off they will realise.


Taking one day at a time.
Great. thanks very much!


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I think if my family suspected I was pregnant, I'd be very worried and think that Martians had taken them away and replaced them. LOL I had a hysterectomy 2 years ago. Did make me chuckle though, it is quite sweet that they have noticed the difference. I think half the time people walk round with their eyes shut and wouldn't notice things if they came up and smacked them in the nose.

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