I won't be a whale any more. Fat loss jouney starts today


I am so fat. I actually cried looking in the mirror this morning. All you can see is my belly from all angles
I've been asked by random strangers when my baby is due- I am not pregnant
My stomach is 39 inches and my waist 35 inches. I'm only 5ft 2.
I've spent the last week running for 1hr a day and only eating one meal a day but I am still the same size.
As the post states I am fed up of being so fat. I feel that in proportion a whale probably has only a slightly bigger stomach than me

Ideally I need to lose 2 stone ( preferably 2.5l and at least 6 inch from waist and 10 from stomach
How is it going?
So update. Am getting there slowly. I managed to lose about 8lb but it doesn't seem to be coming off the stomach-more around arms and legs
Lost 0.6cm from stomach in total so still massive.
The 8lb has been through me eating one meal a day of 500 calories 3x a week and increasing exercise to 2hrs a day 3 days a week.
I'm knackered by the effort of trying not to be a whale and not have my stomach as the first thing anyone sees when they greet me

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