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Pregnant and dieting

Hi all, well after having my little boy in August 09 I lost my baby weight with slimming world.
I'm now 20 weeks pregnant with my second (and last!) baby and have decided to start slimming world again as it worked so well for me last time! I was an online member last year but I'm thinking about going to classes this year for more inspiration and motivation but I am a bit nervous!

Can anyone tell me if there is anything changed for dieters when pregnant on slimming world?

Looking forward to any advice and support!!

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Welcome Helen :welcome2:

I have moved your post from introductions to the Slimming World forum here as I feel it will get more attention and someone might be able to help out with your questions.


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S: 18st2lb C: 16st1lb G: 11st2lb Loss: 2st1lb(11.42%)
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Hiya Helen,

Just thought i'd pop by and say hello... i'm also pregnant with my 2nd child...My little girl is 8 months old... during her pregnancy i put on a whooping 5 stone...From 10st to 15st... i had a VERY short break between getting pregnant again... accidently (but very happy about it!) in that break i lost 2 stone...up untill i was 25 weeks pregant this time i'd put on 18lbs but been on plan nearly 4 weeks and have lost 11lbs of that so i'm SO happy!!...Sorry about the essay just thought i'd relay my situation hehe....

Best of Luck on plan & congratulations on your pregnancy :D xxxxx
Wow that is great weight loss while pregnant, my midwife is happy with the slimming world plan but at the moment I'm hungry all the time and it's driving me mad, very worried about the Xmas temptations. I put on 3.5 stones on last time and the last stone was a real devil to shift. I'm hoping it will be slightly easier with a toddler to run around with!

So have you adjusted your plan at all while pregnant?

S: 14st0lb C: 12st4lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 29.5 Loss: 1st10lb(12.24%)
I was told i could have extra He's like you can when breastfeeding but fortunately i'm eating enough without having to do so as my appetite doesn't seem to be as big as was with my pregnancy with my daughter! How i wished i'd found Slimming world last year!! Lol! xxx
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Hi guys I'm new to this site, I'm 23 weeks pregnant with my second child and have put on a shed load of weight. I did slimming world in between pregnancies and lost weight!

Was considering following it whilst pregnant but hadn't heard of anyone else dieting so was nice to find this site.
Is it ok to diet and can I really lose weight whilst pregnant? X
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Hi Ladies

Congratulations to you all :D

This is my second pregnancy and I am 14 wks 3 days pregnant. So far I've gained abt 7-9pounds. I tried to SW in my first trimester but I was so hungry and bread was the only thing that satisfied me and there wasnt enough HE for the bread I wanted lol

I know Ive gained a little more than recommended but I am still happy with the little gain cos my first pregnancy I gained nearly a stone in the first 14 weeks :eek:

I would like to keep my weight down and I know I am going to need a c-section so I would like to be a reasonable weight.

I wonder if anyone would know.........in your 2nd Trimester do you have any additional HE or Syns? Im not going to a class because I can not go regularily so cant ask a consultant. My midwife is happy to follow the plan as long as my weight gain is correct, she said she'd rather me follow something sensible then gain loads of excess weight.

Sorry for the long post :D

Congratulations again and good luck xx
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Im currently 29 weeks on Tuesday and up to now i am 7lbs heavier than when i got pregnant.. Although i am still carrying 3 out of the 5 stone of my first pregnancy... i did put 18lbs on though and lsot it with first 3 weeks on plan... i don't go to groups myself either due to being over in Germany and we're currently waiting for a bigger house closer to camp and then i think i will... Midwife was the one that actually reccommended that i took a look at slimming world as my weights always been an issure for me... but although only 7lbs instead of 5 stone this time i eat LOADS more!!

Although i dont know how accurate i have seen a breast feeding post in which your allowed double the He's so on EE 2 of each...red&original 4? Please correct me if you know different??

Congratulations on your pregnancies... i'm glad this thread was started.. i happened to comment on another thread and got completely ignored! :(

Good Luck ladies xxxxx
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your allowed extra healthy extras after the baby is born if you breast feed but you follow the plan as normal when you are pregnant
I am also pregnant with my 2nd child, gained about 3 stone with my son and am NOT doing that this time round, so have been following slimming world where possible. The food aversions make it hard sometimes (which I add I am still getting at almost 20 weeks).

There is nothing different to the diet when pregnant, you just follow it as normal, but your HE's do increase if you breastfeed once baby is here.

All I would say is try and avoid artificial sweetners and caffiene and you should be fine. I find myself checking ingredients of EVERYTHING, as this little one took us over 2 years to conceive. So is very precious to us. Also get plenty of superfree foods in.

Good luck.
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I'm amost 25 weeks pregnant and have to admit I'm thinking of leaving my group more because I feel it's a waste of £5 a week when I'm gaining and can't do anything about losses until after the baby.

However, from what I know, the only extra Healthy Extras come in after the birth and that's only if you're breastfeeding. You can still do red and green but it's probably better to follow extra easy as it makes you have your 5 a day, and you have a bit more choice which is handy when you already have a toddler so not much time to be planning!

I lost over 1.5stone following the plan befor I got pregnant and I am struggling a bit to accept that I can't get cracking on weight loss and exercise until after the birth. I do intend to plan ahead though and freeze some slimming world meals so I can start eating healthy and on plan as soon as baby is born.

Oh, and it's not a diet, it's a healthy eating plan! Ha ha! Good luck! It's nice seeing so many pregnant people! :)
I think I will go along with the one day approach too. Annoyingly my tastes change everyday and I'm still being sick most weeks and when I do plan a meal in advance I go to have it the next day and the thought of it makes me sicky!!

Having a toddler and food planning is also hard work, thankfully he isn't a fussy eater and I'm doing quite good at avoiding his full fat requirements :) I did loads of walking last time and I'm still trying to do an hour at least 3 times a week but this pregnancy is a lot harder than the last one.

Nice to see I'm not alone dreading the baby weight!!!!
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I'm just book marking this thread - altho not pregnant yet ... am hoping to go for another round of ivf next year and would love to know how you're all doing x x

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