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Preparing for CD

Pandora Ghengis

forgive the silly name
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How did you prepare for CD?

My CDC advised me not to start right away because I'm finishing a course of antibiotics, and it would make me feel more grim than necessary during the transition onto CD! So I start on Friday.

What I've done so far is buy enough mineral water to make my O/H question whether I have suddenly developed OCD, and a Brita water filter jug! :)

Edit: adding to the to-do list - am going to buy ketostix and a shaker. I'm going to get my shaker from a protein website because I want to keep it quiet for a few weeks!
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i didnt...in a nutshell! lol

but in the run up, it is worth cutting out carbs, increasing your water consumption, and thinking of things to do to keep you occupied when you get tempted for food!

Hope all goes well with your start hun! I found this place to be the best motivation for me...seeing all the success stories! :D


Big H

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I never do any prep I just dive straight in. If I was able to cut down my carbs, I wouldn't be in the predicament I always find myself in and wouldn't be doing CD anyway :D
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Against advice I went to McDonalds and ate a huge meal as I knew it would be while (if ever) I would it again!

I also ate bread and all my fav things. :giggle:

I did no prep at all I just went for it!

(Please note, this was very naughty and I am In no way encouraging others who may be reading this to do the same :p)
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I was in the same boat at the start.. and I'd been wanting to go straight into SS.. personally, I'm glad I didn't.. it gave me less of a shock in.. I did a few things..

- i used to drink tea all through the day, with one sugar.. the thought of quitting that was a big deal for me.. so I had a chance to quite that in advance separately.. apparently quitting caffein does funny things to our system in it's own right, so best done as a separate mission..

- i swapped the occasional meal for CD packs to test out how I felt about it.. and to test the flavours.. I had heard that we all like slightly different ones, and that we develop our favourites.. so I eased in gently while I was waiting to start

- i upped my water intake and devloped water sipping habbits..

- i factored into my last few meals some of the things that I wanted to get rid of from the cupboard, so they wouldn't be sitting there once I was CDing.. forgot about some things.. eg I only chucked out the half packet of cornflakes from the side after MONTHS of them sitting there - just stopped noticing they were sitting there gathering dust! Haha!

All the very best, and keep posting on how you're getting on!



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My preparation the week before i started was having the things i really like and wasn't going to be able to have in at least 10 months.
err... a kebab, a cheese scone, a pizza ...so I started the diet happy and am on SS and not having problems so far.

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