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Discussion in 'Lipotrim Forum' started by tubbyme11, 12 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. tubbyme11

    tubbyme11 Full Member

    hello i went to the chemist to start lipo again and they informed me as of tomorrow the price will go up for ladies to £45pw, is this happening everywhere or just at my chemist? im in Manchester thanks x
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  3. kaiman

    kaiman Member

    I paid £54.00 for mens plan in Belfast not sure what ladies plan is
  4. tubbyme11

    tubbyme11 Full Member

    wow £54 suppose £45 isnt to bad then just thought it was a big increase x
  5. nettie-reno

    nettie-reno Member

    I pay £45 in n. Ireland also. But am changing to exante from next week as its half the price and soooo much more variety.
  6. neetsnewts91

    neetsnewts91 Member

    My pharmacist has told me it will go up too, but price tbc :(
  7. tubbyme11

    tubbyme11 Full Member

    thanks guys, im just going to have to pay it!! x
  8. stevefish69

    stevefish69 Full Member

    The female Lipotrim is now £45 and the male £60 at my chemist.

    He gave us all of his old stock at the old price but charged us the new price on new stock
  9. Shediver

    Shediver Full Member

    It's deffo going up for Ladies to 45.00 a week, he let me but a months supply at the old price once that's gone I am swooping over to Exante as cheaper and does the same
  10. tubbyme11

    tubbyme11 Full Member

    ive just looked on the exante website and it is a lot cheaper, have you tried exante before? do you think it will the same? xx
  11. nettie-reno

    nettie-reno Member

    I ve switched over too. This is my third day, far better choice! Check out the exante page on this site that's what I did before I changed!
  12. Shediver

    Shediver Full Member

    Yes done it before lots more to chose from and shakes fab, bars amazing x
  13. Sida

    Sida Member

    Yep going to £60 for men here pharmacist also let me buy a months supply at the old price, I should be finished by then but if not I think I'm going to take a look into that exante. Just looked on the site and it looks pretty good, you can order online too which is a huge bonus for me.
  14. tubbyme11

    tubbyme11 Full Member

    i ordered the month bumper back for £108 and you got free scales :) i will use the rest of my lipo then give it a go the bars looks really nice x

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