Probably been asked this 1000's of times


I'm seriously toying with LL and looking for some advice. I have around 3 stone to loose, which I've been trying to do for the last 2 years with ww. It's now got to the stage where me eating is so out of control, I'm either dieting or I'm seriously binging therefore I'm still the same weight. I feel I've developed a really unhealthy attitude to food and wondered if actually cutting it out completely would help to 're-educate' me. Any advice would be really appreciated, thanks!
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have a look on to find your nearest counsellor... You can contact them by email or give them a call. go along to an information session where you will find out more about the programme and if you want to join up, you will be given a form to take to your doctor for him to fill in - blood pressure taken etc...

Once you have that filled in, and approved by head office you will be ok to start...

good Luck


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Hiya Jannie

I would say GO FOR IT! These diets work and can change your life for the better.



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You sound like me at the beginning. I was playing at dieting before, putting on some pounds, taking them off etc. etc. Joined LL end of September and though do not stick 100% I have lost two stones and two more to go. I feel great and it is easier to take food out of the equation because nobody says to you " go on have a little bit" . I feel I can choose myself when to eat or not. I wish I had done this years ago. Although it is expensive I will stick to it til the correct weight-you're so worth it!


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Hi Jannie,

A vlcd gives a break away from food and this I find clears your head and gives you time to look at the big picture and to start making changes.

Love Mini xxx


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Yep a definite go for it from me. Lighter Life REALLY lets you face all your food demons, relationship with food etc and the weight loss is guaranteed if you stick to the programme. I'm so glad I found LL and wouldn't look back now.


Thanks for your replies! I do think it is the path for me to follow at the moment as I've totally lost the plot. One of my concerns is how it will fit into my life as I still have to cook for my family, but I'm sure thats something that everyone has to deal with and I'll just need to try to adjust. Another thing (and please don't anyone take offence here) is that I feel quite ashamed that I'm having to resort to this measure to get things back on kilter. Anyway, thanks for the support guys


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the only thing about the cambridge is I'm not sure you get the same level of counselling.

Someone correct me though if I am wrong!

I would certainly recommend one of these diets anyway, they both work on the same principle and really work!

best of luck to you


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Welcome Jannie. I think thefeeling ashamed goes with the terriroty! The main difference between LL & CD is the councelling so you need to decide whether you are fixed in your head about food....if not would go for LL to hopefully stop the cycle. Reading people whove maintained they've all said that is the essential element (along with group support) & I would tend to agree but wish it wasnt so expensive as its going to be very tight financially while I'm on it but I think worth the sacrifices I'll hve to make...good luck making the deicision :)