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Hello *waves*

I started the diet today!So far so good (although am dreading day 3 as it seems to be pretty bad!eeek!)

My problem is that i have to go back to uni in a week and there are no kitchen facillities to use to make my shakes. My counsellor doesn't stock the bars/tetra packs due to no demand and they take 10 days to arrive apparently. So next week i'll have to try to do something short of walking home for lunch (which takes a long time).

Do you guys have any idea what i can do to be able to take my shake at lunch??? I'm not sure what to do :(

Anita xxx
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Queen of the Damned
Hi honey

I'm a bit confused - any order placed by a counsellor should be received within 2 working days. If you are placing an order for next week, and s/he ordered tomorrow morning it should be with her on Thursday, Friday at the latest *unless she is paying by cheque :confused:

You have choices :

* Have a shake in the morning, knock back masses of water, and have your second shake when you get home;

* Buy a shaker from Holland & Barrett or Lakeland, and mix it with tap water (I've done it, and it's not so bad!!)

* Have you tried the soups?? I mix my soup in a big mug of hot water which you might be able to get from the canteen??

Hopefully you will be able to sort something out - don't let this stop you mate ;)
Agree with all of D_Q's post above ..... and don't understand why your CDC can't get hold of tetras or bars??? We are meant to stock ALL cambridge products - another solution mught be to change CDC?????

Good luck!
PS I probably stock/sell as many tetras and bars as soup/shakes by the way!

Oh and good luck in getting to day 3 - it makes all the difference and you'll feel great from then on in!


What kind of madness is that?? I go through tetras and bars like no ones business!!!! Saying she can't get them for 10days is rubbish. If we put in an order Mon-Fri before 10am we get it the next day. Fact.

I'm at Uni myself....I always take a bar with me, but rarely eat it. Pretty much the case of have something in the morning....then wait till dinner. Not so easy in the early stages of the diet.

Good suggestions with the shakers etc, I'm sure they will work quite well. Just remember to only make it just before you are having it to make sure you still get all your vits and minerals.



Longing 2 b a yummy mummy
The shakers are in lakeland £1.99, you have to give them a good shake for about 1 minute otherwise you end up with bit in it, but it is good. I take one to work everyday and use it.. I have now bought another, one for home and one for work.Good luck..Love
Thanks for your sugestions and help guys! Ive got 2 soups to try...can you just mix them with water or do they have to be whisked? will definitely try to get a shaker today! :)

Also im not entirely happy with my CDC, she's pretty unhelpful, i thought she would do more to be honest! She's more like a stockist rather than anything.

Sounds a bit daft,but i don't want to offend her!She's like 65+ quite sweet and doesn't have any family etc so the only people she gets to see are people who buy from her :O


Anita xxx


Depends if you like lumps of powder in your soup or not! lol.

It shouldn't matter how old your CDC is, she should be helping you. Maybe explain what you expect from her and if she can't provide it, change. You are the customer - she shouldn't be unhelpful!!

Agree with Coley - a CDC can help or hinder a diet. And we are menat to be here to help our clients. She CAN get hold of and sell bars/tetras etc if she wants to ... the fact she is choosing not to is against her code of conduct with Cambridge and not very helpful to you or her other clients.

Ask her to stock them for you - and if she won't go elsewhere!

As for making the soups up - I think they make up better than the shakes and i just use a fork and mix them like a cup of soup. I find it best to mix the soup powder with a little cold water into a paste and then add hot water and stir well.

Good luck!
I tell you what worked my me making shakes on the run. I buy a bottle of still mineral water500ml drink about a quarter of it , pour the powder in put the lid back on on and it and give it a good shake! not perfect but it is edible. Also in IKEA at the moment on the kitchen equip bit they have a brilliant little battery operated whisk thing that is only 99p plus the price of two AA bateries and it makes great milk shakes and its very light and the whisk end is tiny it even goes inside a the neck of a small bottle of mineral water and that works if you follow steps one and two you can even take your own water but obviously it wont be a cold and that makes all the difference to how good milk shakes are dosent it, but I suppose you could freeze it the night before then by lunchtime it will be a bit slushy mmmh.....
The whisk works on soups too , I would just get the water from the canteeen they cant begrudge you a bit of hot water can they ? in Uni cafes they usually have one those hot water tap things for tea anyway, so wont be a problem babe.
Good Luck
Carole xx


Queen of the Damned
As for making the soups up - I think they make up better than the shakes and i just use a fork and mix them like a cup of soup. I find it best to mix the soup powder with a little cold water into a paste and then add hot water and stir well.

Good luck!
That's how I make up mine :D


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Hi Anita!
You've probably caughten on by now, that most of us are puzzled why your CDC isn't willing to stock cartons/bars due to low demand (!!??). Perhaps if she started selling them, she'd find like most of us CDC's that they fly off the shelves! I sell trays 'n trays of the cartons each week, and tons of bars! If you suggested that she order in one of each, the shelf life is so long for these products that she would definately sell them before they expire (even if you happen to be the only customer buying them!). Have you checked the website recently? There are new CDC's being accredited all the time! Maybe you have another choice of someone else in your area since you last looked? Good luck! All the suggestions given are fab! I wouldn't try going from morning through to evening though without any pack (too long). I hope she learns to be more accommodating to you and all her other clients. She is supposed to supply ALL products within the range after all!

Lainey xxx :blahblah:

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