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  1. clessofme

    clessofme likes to kick fats ass

    right sorry for starting another thread, once i start talking theres no shutting me up anyway just wanted to make a promise to come on here every day til i reach goal, will come on here to check up on myself basically so that might help keep me motivated to stay iin control whilst im waiting for ketosis at least to kick in!!!!also tjink ill come on here whenever i feel urge to eat or feeling upset (im an awful emitional eater!!!) also anyone interested in being like a buddy for support and we could promise to come on here at a certain time each night to help us stick to it??? thanks for letting me ramble minimins is the best site ever!!!!!!!shes a true genius!!!!:)
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  3. Kitteh

    Kitteh Resident geek

    WoOoOo.. thats the best way to do it.. Minimins keeps me going.. i would have given up a long time ago if it wasnt for this..

    x x x x
  4. clessofme

    clessofme likes to kick fats ass

    right so day one nearly down, still have one more shake left, just another couple of days and should be in ketosis and wont neeed so much willpower then cuz im literally STAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRVING!!!!!!!will be back on now tomorrow to keep myself in check!!xxx
    countdown to first weigh in
  5. united_trekkie

    united_trekkie GO TEAM FFF

    Hi Clessofme,

    Congratulations on finishing day one you know you can do it !!! :)
    I also come on here everyday to keep me focussed - I started on Monday, first weigh in on Saturday...fingers crossed :rolleyes:
  6. clessofme

    clessofme likes to kick fats ass

    thats brill tracey!!!!im looking forward to hearing about your fab loss!!!! isnt it so easy to give into temptation without even thinking, and if we do take that bite of whatever we craved its over in like minute and theres nothing left but a feeling of guilt and an extra bit of time on this oul diet and lets be honest wel always have to watch what we eat (even the skinnies have to-thats why theyre skinny!!!)but we dont want to spend our lives drinking shakes so by saying to ouraelves, nope i think ill wait til im finished this diet til i taste that piece of whatever it tis cuz we will, everything in moderation!!!!!
    will be back on again tonight so going to have my first shake now!!well done everyone!!!
  7. united_trekkie

    united_trekkie GO TEAM FFF

    Good luck !!

    Keep us informed of your daily progress:)
  8. clessofme

    clessofme likes to kick fats ass

    must say day two down and feelin the oul willpower starting to kick in!!!feelin good that have resisted temptation even though the house has literally turned into a chocolate egg!!!and apparently theyre 1000 calories each, oh god i can imagine the taste!!!and dya no what it dont taste as good as feeling comfortable and for once in my life happy in my own skin so right on to fighting the fat, tomorrow hopefully ketosis cuz the hunger thing really killed me today, it was so funny i was craving hot toast with real kerry BUTTER none of that fake stuff cuz i can always believe when its not real butter and so convinced hubby that he was hungry even though he just had lunch just so i could make what i was actually craving ended up making loads of toast with loads of thick butter and by loads i mean looooooooads!!!! it smelled so good though!!!!looking forward to getting first week down!!!
    countdown to first weigh in
  9. clessofme

    clessofme likes to kick fats ass

    feeeling great, was absolutely starving this morning and ended up baking everything in site, i was making soups and baking scones and brown bread and all the things i wanted then went for a walk with the new puppy we got he is so cute!! husband got him for me as a present today cuz i always wanted a doggy but never felt fit enough to walk and puppys need walking well with a lot of the weight off i started walking and now walk for a good hour most days so you can imagine the shock wen husband got home and under his arm was a basket with the new addition to the family!!!!anyways im feeling even happier than usual and thats saying something and was so distracted by puppy(still cant think of a name!!!!) that ive only had one shake today, i completely forgot to have other two so going away to have them now with a nice cup of tea, but since i forgot about them and since ive no hunger at all then ketosis must be here!!!!!!!
    see ye tomorrow
    countdown to first weigh in

  10. fattothin

    fattothin Gold Member

    Well done you for sticking at it BUT remember a puppy is for life and not for dinner:D x
  11. Shamrock

    Shamrock Wanna!

    A name for your puppy-Carney-irish for victorious and thats what you will be when you complete your weight loss x
  12. clessofme

    clessofme likes to kick fats ass

    carney, thats a really beautiful name!!we ended up calling him sam after husbands dog when he was a babby!! just avoided what could of been a terrible binge had an absolutely horrid day everything that wanted to go wrong quite easily did so and i came home sat in the kitchen and with the house empty i went a searchingg and found loads of things i was about to devour so there i am and im staring off with some coco pops with milk(have been craving cereal a lot lately!!!) and i put it into my mouth and thats when i come to my senses and sorry for being gross but i spat it out, cleared away the goodies id layed out in an attempt to make myself feel better, and so went up and had a shower, oh god it would of been another start over again, im just glad im here to tell the tale and not knee deep in coco pops!!!!!xxxxx
    weigh day thursday, a day later than i thought so an extra day to burn fat!!!!!
    coutdown to weigh in
  13. fran-kley speaking

    fran-kley speaking Full Member

    hey clessofme,
    you did that and shifted yourself to the shower all by yourself......ive had moments like that and had to phone my mum to get me through it.... at nearly 30 years old that's!
    so, once again GOOD ON YOU!
    fran :)
  14. Shazpaz

    Shazpaz Regular Member

    That's what mums are for! I go to mine at every opportunity....and I hope my little one will do the same when she grows up.x
  15. pinkbaileys24

    pinkbaileys24 Full Member

    i know wot ur goin thru. i almost gave up after my 1st wk, but once u get into ketosis it gets so much easier. ive got thru 12 wks now, and am sooo proud that ive got this far. believe me, uve got thru the hardest part and wen u get to the weight u want to b, it'll b so worth it. theres no way i cud go thru LT on my own. Big woo hoo 4 Minis!!!!
  16. clessofme

    clessofme likes to kick fats ass

    hey all dont worry have been checking in every night but didnt get much time to post!! well results are in from thursday and have now lost 8lbs!!! hoping to get another three off this week am so over the moon it really has paid off sticking to it, i almost cried with happiness wen realised ketosis had arrived!!!loves to you all keep lipotrimmin!!!!!!
  17. united_trekkie

    united_trekkie GO TEAM FFF

    Hey Well done C:D

    Great weight loss - keep it going:)
  18. ladylipo

    ladylipo Silver Member

    Well done on the loss fab fab fab :D
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