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Proper sausage or quorn?

I am making a sausage and leek quiche for tea today (minus the pastry of course) with jackets and beans, and I just wondered would you rather have proper sausage in it and syn it or quorn for free. I haven't used any syns today so am leaning towards the proper sausage, (I am ill after all lol). I have both so its not a problem, I just fancy something lush and the sausage is doing it for me at the moment. I think I just need the taste and quorn is bland isn't it? I think a proper sausage is about 6 syns so I would be safe having 2.
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Omgosh, 6 syns for a sausage!!

Now, blah to the quorn, i can deal with them smothered in gravey but i just dont think it'd work here unless it's your kinda thing.. get yourself down morrisons for some syn free sausages me thinks. They'r fab. x
I would opt for a proper sausage Hun! Cant beat them! Quorn ones are ok, but Im a huge meat eater! Lol.
If you can get hold of some in the future, try and get Morrisons very low fat pork sausages - they are free and not bad!
Thank you peeps, I have decided to go with the proper sausage, Walls pork ones, how bad is that hee hee. Don't know if I will manage to eat any of the dinner though cos anything hot just burns my throat terrible at the moment. Could be icecream again - tragic! xxxx
You can freeze Mullerlite yoghurts Hun...and they would be free!

Fallen Angel

Starting again!!
I cant stand quorn sausages, so I buy morrisons eat smart diet meat sausages that are syn-free. They are best cokked in teh oven with a squirt of frylight.
Seconded on all counts! :D
i agree quorn saus can be an aquired taste although i like them.i made a cassoulet in the slowcooker 2 weeks ago using quorn saus and they were absolutely delishhhhhhhhh!i had been told they marinate well so thought i would try and was very pleasantly surprised.also i tried simmering them in just enough water to cover with an oxo mixed in for 10 mins.result-very good!!worth a try!
What i want to know is how do you make Sausage and leek Quiche???

Sounds yummy!!

Recipe please Charlottegrace1 :eat:
slice sausage and chop leeks very fine, cook in a bit of chicken stock with seasoning to taste. Put in a dish making sure mixture is not too wet, squeeze out any excess moisture or eggs won't set properly, mix a couple of eggs with milk from allowance and pour over the sausage mix. Put in oven till egg mixture set. Eat hot or cold. Enjoy
Well I did do proper sausage, but had no dinner at all again. In fact daughter - eldest - should know better - bought me a small bar of chocolate to cheer me up and I haven't eaten it, gave it to youngest daughter instead. how ill am I then lol.
I make sausage casserole in the slow cooker. Eldest daughter is veggie so some quorn go in, and some meat for me and other daughter. And to be honest, you can't tell the difference wehen they ahve been cooking for 4 hours. They all taste lush! I know my veggie daughter has ended up withe the meat before now. BUt shush, don't tell her.


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