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Well tonight is wi night and dont no how im gonna do but i reckon sts. (hopefully)

Normally after wi i have a big chippy meal probably fish with batter chips or salt and pepper chips etc, then i go shop and get a few crisps (transformers) about 3 packets :eek: i no and loads of chocolate and sit here enjoy myself after wi.

Well i am going chippy tonight but going to have boil rice and some sort of beef in sauce which is roughly (5.5 syns) and i have got a small box of paparika pringles and only one little ripple, how good am i :D. Every week my treat is coming down and down and i feel i am getting there so hopefully next week probably no more crap after wi. I did however enjoy last week treat a kfc and krispy kreme but went 4 ways anyways :).

Do any of you have treats after wi? because im wondering if this is effecting my wi on thursday following week. I might have to see if any difference if i dont have a treat next week and go straight through with diet :confused::confused: ummmm.
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I tend not to do this as I at the mo I am totally determined to loose weight, and lots of it - but I know plenty of people that do this.

The fact that you are cutting down on your 'treats' is a good thing, and at least you are honest about having them, that way if you get a gain you probably know why.

If it works for you how you manage it then great, but if you losses really slow down, or you gain then you can re-asses then. It's up to everyone how they use the diet, there are guideliens to follow but no one is going to punish you if you don't stick to the letter of the law 100%, the choice is yours.

Hope you continue to have great losses - 15lb is brilliant, good luck with the rest of your journey.
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I hope your weigh in goes well! I can't answer about the treat thing as I'm still in my first week so not had a weigh in yet. I'd possibly have a small treat after weigh in I think but wouldn't want to get into the habit of having a massive binge with the thinking I could make up for it in the next six days (not that I'm suggesting that's what you meant!!).

Ooh, and I love paprika pringles - not had those in ages!!!

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I dont have any treats after weigh in, as I just dont trust myself to get back on plan the next day. For me its all or nothing.
Well done on reducing your intake after weigh in though, as this will definitely benefit you with the weight coming off in the long term.
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To be honest, yes it will be affecting your loss. Just because you have treats after WI doesn't mean they magically don't count! Trust me, I've been there and done that!

Look at it this way, if you have, say, 40 syns after WI, then have your usual 105 during the week, the extra 40 will still impede your loss. You might still lose but maybe you would've lost an extra 1lb had you not had your treats.

Well done for cutting them down though! Having said all that, I do tend to allow myself 5-10 extra syns on a WI night as my 'treat'. But as you get nearer to target you have to watch every syn.

If you are going to have 'treat' night then I'd say at least stay in control, plan it in advance and tot up your syns so at least you know what you're having. Then during the week you can decide if you want to cut down a bit on your syns each day to make up for your treat night.

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