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Proud Post - Updated!

Well, after a very stressful day where I found out I either have to take redundancy or do my current job but take a paycut and demoted title, I am proud to say that, despite wanting to binge and comfort eat, I managed to stick to plan today.

It was hard.

But....I kept thinking of my shiny blue 6st sticker waiting for me on Tues and how it would be even further away if I let myself binge and pig out today.

So, for lunch I had the biggest plate of chicken curry & rice leftover from last night, had my comfort food loaded hashbrowns and eggs for dinner and a lovely 5 syn Ripple bar this evening to soothe the nerves. And it worked. Now hopefully it will pay off on the scales on Tues.

I hope I can be just as strong tomorrow!
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Mad old Bat with Attitude
That's the spirit Stacey! Have you decided what to do yet? You obviously have your weightloss sorted out! Good girl! Ain't life a sh8T?
Congratulations Stacey, that really was an achievement. Do hope that you can keep it up over the weekend - an even more difficult time for most of us, without THAT decision to make.

We're all rooting for you for Tuesday. Very Best of Luck for the award, and on the job front.
Well done on sticking to plan, and good luck for your 6 stone award and for making your decision.
Bad news about the job - hope it all works out ok in the end. But get you and your willpower and staying on track. Bet that sticker is going to look sooooooo good :)
Hey Stacy - first of all well done. Seccondly is there something that you would really like to do for a job but havent so far in life cause you had the one you have now? You could find after doing so fabby with your weight loss you now have the confidance to go for it in a new direction.

Thinking of you
What great will power and determination Stacey, so sorry to hear about the job hope things work out ok for you :hug99:


Not such a fat kat now :)
I agree with jo jo.
Its a great opportunity if you want to grasp it.
New bod - new job - new life
Go for it
Wow thats dedication for you even when:hitthefan: Well done on sticking to the plan it shows just how strong willed you are and how much you want it. You go:clap::happy036:
Thanks ladies for your posts! Have managed to stay on track this weekend so I'm happy. No reason not to have a loss this week and get that award. Off to a carvery for lunch this afternoon so will be a good girl - lots of meat and veg!

As for job, looks like i will be forced to interview for my old job and take a paycut. In these hard times I should probably just be grateful to have a job but I'm sooo pissed off with my company that I will be leaving with a big two fingers up at them as soon as poss. W*nkers!
Very well done you! It must have been difficult, but you came through it! WTG!
Hey Stacy

Even better just think they are paying you whilst you are job hunting!!

Take care
Somehow I managed to lose 2.5lb this week and FINALLY got my 6st award! :scale: I will admit to sharing a big pancake with ice cream and apple compote with my daughter on Sunday, but that was the only 'guilty' eating I did and didn't have any further syns that day or yesterday to make up for it. I'm over the moon! Here's aiming for my 6.5st by 16th Dec when I go to America!
Well done Stacey, that's really great news!!!

I'm sure that you will make the 6.5st before you go away - what an achievement that will be!

Very Best of Luck!

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