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PS3 - The verdict

Well so far I have to say I'm not at all impressed and don't think it's worth the money, especially as it doesn't appear to be playing any of the PS2 games, which we were told it would! We bought two PS3 games (at around £50 each :eek: ), Sonic & an F1 game for Kev, DD likes Sonic and Kev quite likes the F1 games, but isn't exactly blown away by it, so not as good as anticipated, the graphics are good in both games, but not jaw-droppingly good. The main bug-bear is that it's not playing the older games, it says it's not compatible at the moment, so not sure what that means, Kev will make enquiries tomorrow no doubt. I think there may be quite a few annoyed customers though.

Will let you know if the situation improves!
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Sony said they were removing the backwards compatability for ps2 for the european market to reduce the cost of the consol so you can forget about backwards compatability.

Also you pretty much need a good TV, one that can do HDTV? You cant just use any old TV, which sucks, you can on a a wii and an xbox.

Sony is pimping it as a "cheap" blue ray DVD player. At the moment thats not a standard. Its still a toss between Blue Ray and HD-DVD.

Unfortunatly Sony made the fatle mistake of not licencing its technology to a certain industry that ships quite a few DVD's each year. Now they are going with HD-DVD which may ultimately influence the decider.

Also, the sony PS3 "wireless" controler has to be plugged in on power up otherwise the consol wont recognize the controler. The controler also does not have vibration/shock technology like the ps2 ad xbox, simply because they did not pay the licence fee to the patent holders to use it, I believe however the controler is capable of vibration.

Its also really really expensive. The Wii has not only surpassed expectation but is selling better than the Xbox, psp and the PS3. Because of value for money and its unique idea of movement. Infact nintendo can still just about keep up with demand.

It's more than likely going to be returned, as the staff in Game assured us it was backwards compatible. A few PS2 games will play, but of those few, only a few will save onto the PS3 harddrive, the others won't save because they need a memory card to save onto and don't recognise the harddrive as a memory card.

As you can imagine we are all really disappointed and annoyed and feel let down, it's not what we were expecting at all.

The big sticking point is that mine & my DD's favourite games - the Ratchet and Clank series, the newest installment coming out later this year is only going to be on PS3, so if we do get rid of the PS3 we won't be able to have that game. :( Oh decisions decisions.
I used to really enjoy playing games when i was younger but now i never seem to be able to find the time and the only console i own (the PS2) is wired to the one televison in my house which i share with my flatmate. Therefore, if i ever do feel like playing he's usually watching something and i read instead.

Anyway on to the PS3. My brother is still a gaming fanatic; he qued up from 10pm till midnight on whatever day it was (Thurs?) and is loving the PS3 so far but is, like you, a tad annoyed that he cannot play his PS2 games on it. Having said that he has kept his PS2 and also has an XBox 360 so it isn't as though he's wihtout gaming choice!

I think the whole blue-ray DVD issue will become a bit of a white elephant on account of the majority of large DVD import companies have signed up to the HD deal.

I'm going to visit him later on this evening so i will have a go then and post my review...
Apparently approx 70% of the ps2 software will not play on ps3 - so some are backwards compatible but mostly not!

Re the blu-ray / hd debate - apparently the majority of the studios are supporting blu-ray (although some are on the fence at the mo and supporting both) - the overall decision as to which format is going to win is still some time off. Going by the US figures, HD-DVD was in front for a while however software sales of blu-ray are now overtaking it at 3-1.

PS3 is currently the cheapest way of affording a good blu-ray player which supports 1080p (hd-dvd x-box 360 add on does not support 1080p and the wii isn't hi-def anyway) - but as has been said you need a 1080p capable display of 40" and larger to get the full benefit!
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I did get one Friday and would say it is ok, not as good as my 360 and not as much fun as the Wii.

Also very very slow to load!

The American version of the PS3 does play PS2 games, and it comes in about £100 cheaper then the UK version. Yet again we Brits are ripped off. Angela x
Grrr - doesn't it just make you mad! :mad:


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Nothing to do with PS3 thingys....LOL but just wanted to say was great to meet you yesterday - you look amazing and I loved your top - very funky.....:D You were just smiling the whole time and looked soooo happy.....:D

btw - I can't believe you've knocked me out the Looney Tunes Tournament.... I thought we were friends.....:cry: ;) :D
Oops sorry Mich - I was going to tell you yesterday, but it kinda slipped my mind in all the excitment :p

Thank you for the lovely compliments - it was great to meet you too, so glad I was *persuaded* ah-hem, to go out clubbing - really enjoyed it. So when are we doing it again???? :D


Taking Back Control...!!!
Oops sorry Mich - I was going to tell you yesterday, but it kinda slipped my mind in all the excitment :p

Thank you for the lovely compliments - it was great to meet you too, so glad I was *persuaded* ah-hem, to go out clubbing - really enjoyed it. So when are we doing it again???? :D

Glad you didn't spoil my day telling me I'm a looser.....LOLOLOL;)

The answer towhen we doing it again? Soon I hope..... soon.....!!

Glad you enjoyed your boogie too......

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