Psyllium Husks - nice poo! :D


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There was a really good post on here regarding the aforementioned yesterday. Can someone point me in it's direction OR tell me where I can buy the powder (not the capsules)

Not sure of the post you are talking about ...

But Holland and Barratt do Psyllium husk powder in the delightfully named container " Colon Care"

I bought some yesterday and it was £11 something for a big 340g container.

Does make a nice ready brek/porridge when mixed with a shake (I use vanilla/toffee and walnut/butterscotch) and hot water.
well i used it on LL no problems and infact made life heaps easier as I got rid of my piles and didnt have constipation anymore!!!
It is not absorbed by thebody so does not affect your weight loss!!


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You ladies may well benfit from psyllium husks.

I did LL in jan -june and had choc waterfalls ( or fast poo as my kids called it when small!!) and then it changed to constipation, the laxitives just made me have a stomach ache and are really not an ideal long term solution, however Psyllium husk are!!
You get them from most health food stores and they come in a big tub (you can also get them in capsule form)
If you put a couple of scoops ( I use the 10ml one that came in the mix-a-mousse) in a small dish,

add a heaped tsp of a pack ( Choc is nice with a tsp of coffee too!!),
a couple of sweetners and then top up with about 100mls of water
stir and leave for 10 mins , you will have yummy kind of porridge, you could also heat it up or use hot water to make!!
do remeber to have a really good drink after to make it all wash through and I promise you, you will have lovely soft firm poos that will cause no discomfort and WONT require the loo brush!!!
This will not interfere with ketosis and will not affect your cal intake at all as they cant be absorbed by the body so pass straight through, you may be a little windy for the first few days but after that thing should settle and you will poo in comfort!!! Enjoy!!!

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Hi, I got a large tub from - buy health foods, vitamins and supplements online

I ordered in one day and it arrived the next.

I put two teaspoons in a rice bowl with about a heaped desertspoon of a sachet (you may want more or less to your own taste). Toffee and Walnut is yummy. I then can have a large mug of warm Toffee and Walnut later too with the restof the sachet.

It makes a nice 'little' bowl full as it keeps expanding for a while after you add the water.

Hope you enjoy it!

Dizzy x
I just bought the capsules from H & B at £4.99 on special offer and I'm going to start taking them today. Only thing I'm worried about is the label says if you take insufficient water with them it can cause choking. So will use them properly
Irene xx
Irene said:
I just bought the capsules from H & B at £4.99 on special offer and I'm going to start taking them today. Only thing I'm worried about is the label says if you take insufficient water with them it can cause choking. So will use them properly
Irene xx
Hi Ya Irene

Thats the same ones I got but the insufficient water causes choking is really just to protect them from litigation. Some people use no water or very little water to swallow their tablets and this is not physically possible with these because they are slightly bigger than normal capsules. If you look at other stuff from Holland and Barrett it has the same warning.
Wow, sounds like good stuff, I do like porridge. But does it affect weightloss? I purchased the Firbre 89 but I found that this did not work quick enough for me. :(
wont affect weight loss at all as it isnt absorbed by the body, might make you feel a little bloated and windy for a couple of days though but it will pass!!
Just a question about the husks; I usually slip into ketosis fairly quickly I can get there within 2 days, however with the pysillium husks inhibit this?

Can they:
1) mess about with ketosis and
2) inhibit the bringing about of the state?

TiA :)
Very excited as I found some of this in an Indian food shop for £1 for 100g box. I'm starting on Tues, can I use this from the beginning or do I need to establish ketosis first?
Just a point: Fibre 89 isn't designed to "work quickly" - it's a bulking agent which should be taken from the beginning (with plenty of liquid each day) and will, for many people, avoid the need for more potent measures such as laxatives.

However, for some people, Fibre 89 just isn't powerful enough, and psyllium is by far the next best choice.

Whichever, I hope you all find what works for you!
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I would have to agree with Lesly, the Fibre 89 does not work quickly enough. But thanks to this website I purchased the powder and tablet form of Psyllium Husks and the porridge recipe was very nice. It was like an extra meal.
Hi Jemax,

Would you mind posting the recipe?

Also, I love your avatar!