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Put on 3lbs!

any it wasn't even worth it!:mad:

I don't know whats it's been but I've just wanted to eat everything and all the wrong things.. For instance yesterday I snacked on; Picnic Chocolate bar, half a bucket of candy floss, 4 brandy snap rolls, 4 babybels, bacon sandwiches, full-fat dumplings in my stew - so I know where I'm going wrong!

I'm so pissed off right now! Haven't been able to get to a gym in 2 weeks either. I will bend over for the kick up the bum but have resounded myself to not to weigh in tomorrow and go to the gym for an hour instead!

I also have to tipex all the colouring off my christmas tree!
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Oh no, that sounds like me a couple of weeks ago. Eating everything, just for the sake of it.

Ok, you've had a gain, but it doesn't need to get any bigger! You can get that off this week, just jump straight back on the plan and remember all the gorgeous foods you can eat on plan. :) You are so so close to your goal, sometimes we get a bit relaxed around that point but you've done so well, stick at it and you'll reach your target in no time! :D
It never is worth it girl!! It's such a shame we don't realise that when we are over indulging though, but we don't!
It seems like a good idea at the time, and we know damn well we shouldn't be doing it but hey ho, it's done and you can't change it - just move forward and have a great week.

Good luck hun. xx
Don't go near Hull Fair again!!! I went with the kids but luckily we decided not to buy the brandy snap, toffee apples etc this year as we eat some and then the rest just goes to waste. Although I did indulge in some of the food and didnt really stick to plan all week either. I put 1lb on so have decided that Hull Fair only happens once a year and that I am now gonna draw a line under it and move on, get back on plan and begin to lose again. Im sure if you get back on plan and stick to it, the weight will soon come off again. xx
I was the same yesterday Hun...just kept feeling peckish all day. I have in my drawer a container with lots of low syn snacks though, just in case I do get an attack of the munchies and I usually have a Green Day too.
Just put it behind you and face the scales...there is no point avoiding them, as thats just too easy to do!

It's my godson's birthday today and I've made him a cake and cupcakes - how am I going to resist them when I take them to his tea party tonight?

does anyone have a food diary I can print off and write on?
Work out the syn value for one of the cupcakes and have one knowing that it fits into the plan!
I've got to make a cake this weekend and I'm going to do the same - work out the value for a slice and have a slice.
You can have your cake and eat it if it's all counted in the plan!!
Ahh the curse of Hull Fair, ill be there on thurs and trying to avoid bob carvers like the plague. But dont be too down it is only once a year, and brandy snaps are impossible to eat without demolishing the lot.


I can do this............
You poor thing! Dont panic this is a new week! So start your syns again! If those cupcakes are 18 syns and you really cant resist them have one and take it off your weeks syns cutting back a little tomorrow. Then you can have the cupcakes without feeling deprived! Otherwise you know what will happen if you tell yourself you cant have them you will end up eating more than 1! Well i would anyway!!

Chin up and remember this week is a new week, What happen last week is in the past!
To avoid 'the party nibbles' eat loads before you go (this is my plan for the two 18th parties I've got to go to - lets see if I follow my own advice :rolleyes:)

Now you know the syn value of ONE cupcake - make a list of everything else you could eat that would make up the same syn value ie. one cupcake = 53g minstrels (16 syns) + a HUGE bowl of mousse (1.5 syns)

If you REALLY want to use 18 syns - have some of the mousse and chocolate before you go, and look forward to the rest when you come back!!!
I've been the same babes for the last 4 - 6 weeks but am fighting back now and so can you. Take the bull by the horns, focus on what you are doing and get on with it. Put your bits back on your tree and stop punishing yourself, my word, all this chatter about cakes is enough to throw anyone, turn to scanbran lol.


Mad old Bat with Attitude
You can have 105 syns a week! So work it out and deduct it from that and plan the rest of your week. All is not lost! Half of the fair will be in Brid next week! I shall avoid it!
To avoid 'the party nibbles' eat loads before you go (this is my plan for the two 18th parties I've got to go to - lets see if I follow my own advice :rolleyes:)
This made me smile, I tried this on the weekend. Had a huge tea before I went out so I wouldn't eat the buffet but I ate the buffet anyway.
Depending on how strong your willpower is then it could be a good thing or it could just be extra food! Next time I won't have my tea, I'll just eat the buffet - at least I'll save a few calories!!

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