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Extra Easy Putting on weight occasionally

I have decided, after many failed and not so healthy diets, to try slimming world as my sister did very well with it and lost almost three stone :)
We both started up at the same time, first time for me, and a second time for her. We are both doing extra easy, and yet again she has now lost half a stone already, but I've gained weight :/
I do have to add thought, I was scared of having carbs before this, due to believing I'd put on weight, so pretty much lived off salads and fruit! But now I'm eating all of these lovely things and feeling satisfied...I just wonder if the same has been happening with anyone else? And is it just temporary, until your body is used to the amount of food you're having???
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Hi TamTam, I don't understand how you've gained weight if you've been following the plan 100% :confused:

Are you keeping a food diary? are you maybe nibbling at foods and not realising? You should keep a diary and write down EVERYTHING that passes your lips and be honest with it, syns can add up very quickly if you aren't keeping an eye on them!

If you are doing EE is 1/3 of your plate definitely superfree foods? are you measuring out your milk for your HE A?

You have to be doing something wrong if you've gained! I gained 2 1/2lbs this week but it was expected as I ate whatever I wanted this weekend, I was having a weekend off!

Your body doesn't need to get used to food, you just need to keep an eye on what you're eating :)
Yeah I've been 100% strict with it, not even wanting any syns either as I wasn't having any sweets or choc before. I've given up the sauces etc for the syn free things, and I have a dash or two of milk each day.. So I'm confused. I wasn't trying to lose weight with this diet, I was just so happy to finally find out that carbs aren't the enemy and that I could have all of these free foods, but I also didn't think I'd put on weight, but I'm thinking maybe my body is not getting what it needs so maybe I'm at my actual healthy weight now ?
I'm babbling now ...


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Hi Hun, sorry to hear you're not losing. How long have you been going to class and how much have you put on? Do you have much to lose and are you already within your healthy BMI?

Sorry if this starts sounding like 20 questions, but what was your diet like before SW? You've said above you were afraid of carbs. Did you eat very little before joining SW? It could be that if you were very strict with yourself before hand and are now eating more this could account for a slight gain, but this should balance out in time.

I agree with the above that keeping a diary will help you stay 100% true to plan. What has your leader said?


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"You have to be doing something wrong if you've gained!"

I would have agreed until I ran my average, 100% perfect, on plan day through a calorie checker....
mojomcl said:
"You have to be doing something wrong if you've gained!"

I would have agreed until I ran my average, 100% perfect, on plan day through a calorie checker....
But slimming world isn't about counting calories, if you start counting calories you should be on a different 'diet'..........just my thoughts on it!!

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Yup, my thoughts exactly. And I didn't say I was counting calories - I was looking for answers.
When you are on plan for three years, and 'only' lose three and a half stone, regardless of following all the hints and tips you can; and then increase your activity three fold, and spend six months slowly gaining weight, you do start to look for credible answers. Granted, most folk don't get to quite such a 'stuck' stage, but some of us do.
But thanks for your thoughts, cupcake, and good luck with your own journey :)


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If you're not having your syns you aren't following the plan 100%. You also need to ensure you have your HEA and HEB plus 1/3 superfree. I found my weight loss was much better when I had some syns every day, didn't really lose or even gained when I didn't have syns. Don't know how that works but hey, it worked for me so maybe worth a go?


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