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Quark alternative?


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I can't find Quark anywhere, not even in the big supermarkets like Tesco! Does anyone know of a fat free soft cheese that's syn free and more widely available? I really really want to make BritMumInCanada's baked cheesecake!

Am I right in thinking that all fat free soft cheese is free?
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I have never been to a suoermarket where they don't sell it ,in our one's it tends to be with the yoghurts /creams rather than with the soft cheeses ie philadelphia.
I have no idea if others are free though ,can't see it as surely they would be used far more regularly than Quark? but maybe someone else can help.
Have you asked in your local supermarkets if they stock it, and if not why not?

You may find that it is there, but not where you expected it to be. In my local Waitrose it is always in the same place, but in Tesco it seems to move around a bit.

If they don't stock it, remind them that lots of SW members rely on it and would buy it if they could!


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Try 0% fat Greek Yoghurt. I've been told (and I'm almost certain it was BritMum herself that told me) that it's a great substitute for Quark.
i have no problem getting it from my local tesco, i find it in the cheese section (near to the unusual cheeses) i would ask a member of staff cause it might not be where you expect ... or it they might not stock enough and its out of stock

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