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Query for Extra Easy newcomer

Hello Everyone!
I have been on SW (red and original days) since Jan and have lost 3 stone so far. I am not alltogether clear on the EE concept but have seen many people here have had good losses and wanted to try it for a few days. I am a SW online member but I find it doesn't really explain it well enough (for me) to understand. Can you have a green breakfast, green lunch and EE dinner?
I am aware you are only allowed 1 HEX a and 1 HEX B.
For example today I had the following;

Egg on wholemeal toast (HEX B)
Grilled Tomatoes
Slice of Bacon
Milk for Coffee (HEX A)

Mug shot - o syns on green
2 x plums

Syn free chicken casserole with mixed veg and mushrooms
FF yog

Syns -
Curly wurly 6.5
Quavers 4.5

Am I allowed to do this? or does every meal have to have red and green in it and a third veg?
Also, could I have spaghetti with tomato sauce and tuna on EE - and then get my 1/3 free food from fresh fruit for dessert??
I dont really understand it
Help...... xx
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I only did EE for about 2 weeks, but I think the concept is to get a plate and split the plate in 3 and 1/3 should be something from red, 1/3 from green and other 1/3 fruit or veg. Someone asked our C one day about having fruit as the 1/3 afterwards and she said that was fine, but just to make sure you don't fill up on the red/green and then have much less of the fruit.
There have been meals that I wouldn't have the protein, but had the carbs and just the other half of my plate as fruit or veg, but not sure what the official verdict is on this?


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I could be wrong, but I don't think it matters whether the other 2/3s of the plate are red or green, or a mixture of the two. I certainly was never told anything about red and green free food when I joined - my interpretation of EE has always been that 1/3 of the plate should be superfree, the other 2/3s just free. To me, that menu looks fine so long as your tomatoes at breakfast take up 1/3 of the plate.

I've also seen it mentioned on here (although it could vary from group to group) that superfree food mixed in with your meal, for example in your casserole, doesn't count as your 1/3, as your 1/3 should be clear and visible so that you know it's 1/3. Also, if you're having fruit after a meal as your superfree, you should leave 1/3 of your plate empty to ensure that you're not overeating - though these points aren't, I don't believe, compulsory to the plan.

Sorry for the rambling, hope it hasn't caused you even more confusion!!


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You don't have 1/3 green, 1/3 red & 1/3 supefree for Extra Easy. You can have any food as long as it's free so free food on red OR green and you aim for 1/3 of your plate to be superfree. All food is synned at the lower value and you can only have 1 Healthy Extra A and 1 Healthy Extra B choice. I have done this since the day I started and have lost 45lbs in the same amount of weeks.
Example would be chilli con carne with rice or spaghetti bolognese and less margin for error as you always count the lower Syn value.
Thanks guys, that makes it a bit clearer.
So, I dont have to have a portion of red and green at every meal as I understand it? As long as 1/3 of my plate is superfree it should be OK.
As I explained, I have been doing SW online for 8 months and know the red and green days inside out, BUT, I never understood the concept for EE and I dont think it is explained well enough on their site. I was even thinking of going to a class to have it explained to me. Someone at work is doing EE and she told me if you are making a casserole the veg you put in it counts as your third and that the fruit she has inbetween meals also counts as your third at the table.

Can I just ask - if I was on a green day, and I am hungry inbetween meals, I often have a pot noddle in a mug (free on green). Can I still do this on EE? or can I only have superfree food? Does it have to be synned?


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I've never heard of counting the fruit between meals as your third, seems a bit odd to me as surely, unless you weighed and measured everything, you'd just be guessing whether it made up the third or not? Plus, if that were me, I'd end up making a meal with no superfree and think 'well I had a banana earlier, that'll do...', maybe that's just me though!!

For EE all your snacks should be superfree. You wouldn't have to syn free food if you did have it, but I would suggest that at the very least you bulked it up with some superfree, or munched on some fruit first to try and take the edge off the hunger!!

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