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question about constipation / laxatives (& vegetable query!)


can do it this time!
I'm 2 weeks into Dukan, which is totally new to me.

I know its not the most pleasant thing to write about, but does anyone else suffer from constipation? and if so do you eat something different, or use laxatives? any advice welcome.

I'm at early days of cruise and on day about PP / PV, but haven't quite sussed which vegetables we can eat - again any advice welcome.

thanks everyone
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hey hun totally normal....we often refer to constipation as transit issues on here ...wheat baran from the health food shop 1 tbs mixed with oatbran can help some some do resort to senna ect if its bad ....rhubarb is also used
veg stay away from veg with beans in it .....and not many higher carb one like carrots and beetroot NO peas sweetcorn ect
green veg good cabbage ect
1 tablespoon wheat bran during cruise and/or

100g Rhubarb per day during cruise and/or

Senna tablets (but not every day or your body gets used to it)

also up your water intake 2 Ltr and ensure you're walking enough...this helps to stimulate the digestive system xx


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Hiya, just to add: as you're taking less fibre in, and mainly protein, there will be less to put out so don't expect to need to go every day as you used to. Senna won't help with that, only use in moments of dire need, as someone else said, otherwise your body gets used to it. Do drink lots of water, that helps too...
HAD to share this with you all as I know how the constipation can be - even on atkins when you are eating much more veg. I was recommended this COL-Clear Version A colon cleanser support supplement by the lovely Linz and i havent had a problem since (sometimes even been twice a day _ sorry if TMI).
shop around and get some if you are having problems its really helped me!
Hi I am on my 4th day of attack and had the most awfull and painfull constipation today it really made me worried couse i notice blood while..... (sorry if tmi) hmm are the senna tab availabe in boots and how much do they cost? Im really upset about my toilet trubles today :(

I too had a few painful moments in the first weeks - but it settled down very shortly afterwards, and I have had no problems since. I think your body just needs time to adapt.

A box of 20 sennakot from Boots or a supermarket costs aboy £5 - you won't need more than this. I find I need to use a tablet about once a month, in the the week before my period, when things seem to slow up.


Dukan Ancestor!!
A box of 20 sennakot from Boots or a supermarket costs aboy £5 - you won't need more than this. I find I need to use a tablet about once a month, in the the week before my period, when things seem to slow up.
Sorry Atropos, I need to correct your figures (Sainsbury prices):

20 Senokot box £1.80
20 Own brand Senna tabs £1.55

You're supposed to take two.

24 Senokot Max strength £3.61

double the strength so you only take one.

BUT also:

Milena, are you taking the Oatbran and enough water? How long do you intend to attack for - it might be better to switch to cruise now and give your digestion a bit of respite in the form of Veg and an TB a wheat bran with your oat bran?
I must say I have struggled with transit throughout, though not as extreme as you describe. Only *now* in Stab has it properly eased up because I eat more linseed again.

Good luck!!


** Chief WITCH **
I totally agree with Anja, Milena... move onto Cruise and salads/veggies today please!

A glass of COLD water first thing can help... and walking too...
I eat my oat bran first thing in the morning and drink a big cup of water with that. I walk to work and back + take the baby out in the afternoon to the park. I just think i hava slow metabolism and that attack made it bit worst. About switching to second phase girlies... I made the Dukan test and it say to have 7dayAttack so i dont know if it wolud be fine to switch??
Anja - thanks - I was going by an old receipt, so I must have been way off the mark!

Milena - I think we have been brought up to believe "one loo trip a day" is the healthy ideal - but apparently doctors define constipation as less than 3 a week.

Seconding what others have said - move onto cruise, and that should get things moving.
Black coffee is good too!
I've been on the attack stage since Friday and yesterday I had the worst upset stomach I've ever had and could barely eat anything, is this normal?
Maybe too much dairy? Could you have a temporary lactose intolerance? (this happened to my youngest after illness - sorted it by replacing dairy with soya for a few weeks, then gradually reintroducing yogurts, etc again).

However, without wanting to nag, if you stats/ticker are correct, you really shouldn't be doing this diet. Your BMI is already really good, Dukan is reserved (I believe) for those who have a BMI of 25+ (ie overweight).

Hope your upset tum resolves itself soon.:)


Dukan Ancestor!!
this going to sound yuk but sounds like your stools are hard coz of all protein drink plenty of water and if needs be go to chemist and ask for something called dalco ease and it softens your stools so easy to pass

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