Question about tea


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Someone has just asked me if it's alright to have jasmine tea (loose leaf variety) on CD. Couldn't give an answer 'cos I don't drink tea in any's got to be coffee every time :eek:

Thought one of you clever peeps would have the answer so I can put her out of her misery ;)
Nope Jasmine tea is made from the flower and not the leaf.

Peppermint Tea and Pure Green Tea are both very nice and also apparently Nettle tea but not tried that myself.

Peppermint is excellent for the digestive tract and also for indigestion so would go for that.

A friend of mine who 's also doing the CD wants to know whether liquorice tea can be used? Apparently, its loose leaf and the smell is fabulouscious!!
Liquorice tea has been linked with hypertension so I would avoid it anyway Shantelle.

OMG - if you read the article its says she was drinking 3 litres of liquorice tea a day:eek:, surely thats a typo