Question about weighing in


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Im due to start SW tonight, Obviously I'll be weighed, but I have issues about weighing at the end of the day (this is the only class I can make due to shifts) and weighing fully dressed. Do you think it'd be ok to weigh on my scales 1st thing tomorrow, do that every week, and use those weights (not in group, just for myself) I think this will make my WI's far more accurate.
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Your weigh ins will be accurate whenever you do it - just the numbers will look better in the morning, naked and before eating!
I weigh in at 5.30 after a day at work, I do tend to wear similar clothes and I take off my shoes. Some people wear jeans and shoes but they always wear the same thing.
The only thing which really changes my weight is if I have a big lunch (sometimes we eat in the canteen at work) instead of my normal lunch.

If I've lost 2lb in the morning of WI then I have usually lost 2lb in the evening at my WI. Does that make sense???

It's all relative!
Good luck tonight, enjoy it!! xx

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Jaylou is right...if you weigh in the same clothes then you will see the difference.
Also, some people on here stop eating and drinking at certain times in order to see a loss, but that is up to you and you should stick to the same thing each week.
Dont worry over it Hun, otherwise you will be tying yourself up in knots over it all!!!



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I just know when I did WW, and weighted in the evening, I found myself not eating a thing all day, (which I know is silly) just incase it affected what the scales said that evening. How darft.


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I used to wi in at 5.30pm every week and would just ensure I wore the same clothes each time.

Now I wi at home every Monday morning.

But as long as you stick to plan, as long as you are dressed (or undressed) similarly each week then you will still see the same change on the scales.


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yes this is the problem with evening weigh ins, I know loads of people who starved themselves all day to try and lose every last ounce they could before class, I even used to do it myself, its daft really as it's not healthy and you shouldn't let the numbers on the scales rule your life so much, also I feel this is a recipe for disaster for your diet as you end up dreading the weigh in day, not only for the scales but also because you know you're not going to eat all day!!!

This is one of the reasons I no longer go to class and just weigh myself weekly at home, fortunately at the moment I am motivated enough to keep going


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If you have your weigh in of an evening, your next weigh in will be 168 hours later. If you have your wegh in of a morning your next weigh in will be 168 hours later. It's the same amount of hours, its the same amount of meals. Your weight loss will be the same,


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If you stick to the same time of day then the weight loss will be consistent if you always weigh around the same time. Your weight loss will fluctuate over the course of the day as you eat, drink or go to the loo, hence why in the morning you'll weigh less, but so long as you always get weighed at the same time then you'll see the weightloss regardless of what time of the day it is.