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Question For All Mums & Mums to be!! :0)


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Hiya Girls, :D

I know it depends on the person but would love to know if you planned your pregnancy & if so how long did it take you?

I am 32 this yr & I am SO BROODY at the moment, all my mates have kids so I have had loads of practice.. :D

Me & Keith are in the process of looking for a house as we have recently got engaged last October, So we do wanna have a baby very soon, If it happens then I will be over the moon but just a house is top priority..

I have stopped taking the pill about 2 months ago but I know some people its took yrs to fall..

Would love to hear from you all..


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Me and my husband planned to have our daughter, It took six months for us to conceive...I had been on the pill for a good five to six yrs continually before I came off it.
I love that broody feeling...I think it's one of the best exciting feeling there is! so enjoy it!
For the first six months I was always waiting for the time off the month and dissapointed when it arrived, and always wondered how some people knew they were pregnant....but I did....I really did feel different, can't explain it....I just knew! How weired the body is! lol

Good luck x
It took DH and I 4 1/2 years :eek: to conceive Dd1, I gave up smoking and within 3 months I was pregnant.
With Dd2, it took a MONTH!!!!
This baby took about 6 months to conceive.

The conception game is tricky, and unpredictable!! I think the trick is don't plan tooo hard, just relax :D:D:D
We planned and I got pregnant within ten days of us "trying". I was 34 at the time, 35 by the birth which means they put "elderly primagravida" on your medical notes. Charming!!!
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I got pregnant straight away with all 3 of mine! I feel really sorry for people who try ages for a baby....can imagine how heartbreaking it can be.


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I got pregnant third month of trying last time, sadly it was not meant to be. Its took 10 months the second time and 4 weeks into my Lighterlife diet and a stone lighter I was pregnant again! I'm 24 weeks today and time is flying by!

My Sister came off the pill and fell first month as did my friend and my SIL!

Good luck!
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we planned both times, the first took about 8 months to concieve but caught with the second straight away-which was a bit of a shock as we thought it would take as long again!!

I can honestly say , even tho i had a few problems( nothing serious thankfully) that i loved being pregnant it was a fabulous time, didnt time it too well tho cos i was pregnant for the millenium new year with the first and my 40th brithday with the 2nd- missed out on 2 big parties!!
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Eldest boy totally unplanned - pill mistake (antobiotics) - 18 weeks before i found out. Darling daughter planned and pregnant straight away (like within the week but did work it out....) and she was born 2yrs 3mths after eldest (thought would take longer to fall and thought at least 1-3mths!) - 3rd child was not planned and dd was 7mths when fell. 1 accident and was bf so thought would be ok. DD was 16mths when he was born.

After son born nov 07 had accident - taking no chances and took morning after pill - 5 weeks later had miscarriage! Would been due jan 09. Me and partner are v v fertile!


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with my daughter i feel preg straight away after coming off pill so very quickly, at the moment we are not actively trying but i have come off the pill to help me lose weight (put 2 stone on since taking it) so we are not using anything atm, we just say if it happens it happens, my daughter is 15 months now so would be pretty much exactly 2 years between them we we caught straight away again which i think is a nice age gap, not getting my hope up though as i say if it happens it happens, and i am 4 stone heavier than i was last time so it probably wont but i dont mind.
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Hi everyone me and my partner decided to start trying in jan 08 so cane off the pill went on holiday in feb expecting a period whilst we was there and it never came! we assumed it was because i had only just came off the pill but nope i was pregnant! she was born at home on the living room floor, not planned, 29 nov weighing 6lb 6oz.

Good luck it will happen u just have to relax, sex should be fun not baby making time.

kelly x x
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with number 1 21 months both checked and no reasons why it too that long. I was 'normal weight' with number 2 first try and pregnant despite being 3 stones heavier

Lisa Marie

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This baby wasn't planned but a nice surprise. My other 2 were planned it took a month of trying to conceive DD1 and I fell straight away with DD2. The def won't be a baby number 4 though he's going for the snip just to make sure.

Purple Hugs

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No.1 was 8 months of TTC - but relaxed type of trying ;)

Then nothing... 1 year of birth control and then I was 'stuck'... miscarriage at the TOTM stage 2 and a half years ago, and now I'm finally pregnant again when I'd given up all hope to be honest! :)

We're pleasantly suprised :) And are keeping our fingers tightly crossed. :)


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We decided to start "trying and see how we go" on the thursday and then I fell pregnant that weekend! 10 days later i got a positive!
REALLY didnt think it would happen that quick.
We know it was that weekend as we hadnt had it since my LMP before then due to not seeing eachother!

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
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That's MAD!! my goodness :) hope you didn't have 2nd thoughts on Monday morning! ;)


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Hiya Kelly,

It took me 4 months after coming off the pill to fall for this little one after being on it for 6 years or so.

My recommendation to you is start taking Folic Acid now - that is what the practice nurse told me to do and it worked within 1 month of me starting to take it:rolleyes:

Good luck with TTC and enjoy the practice in the meantime:D

Take care of yourself

Purple Hugs

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does folic acid increase your ability to conceive? wish I'd known that some years ago!


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I don't think it actually helps you to conceive but it starts to build up the folic acid in your body which helps the growing baby's development.

I'm sure you have been told to take the supplement for the first trimester or twelve weeks.

Good luck with your pregnancy, I hope everything goes smoothly and well for you - I have been lucky as I had no morning sickness at all.:eek: (I was another cd conceiver too!!!):D:D

Purple Hugs

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lol CD seems to help us all eh! wish i'd known that earlier ;)

I know from my eldest to take folic acid so bought pregnacare, but was surprised after seeing my Dr to realise he didn't mention it to me at all.

Thanks for the good wishes - fingers x'd it all goes well this time.

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