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  1. CheekyMooster

    CheekyMooster Member

    I originally posted this on the Cambridge Diet forum but somebody pointed me in the direction of this one, so here goes:

    I've lurked here for a while but I don't think I've posted before so hi everybody!

    Can I just ask anybody here who is maintaining, what DO you eat??

    Just looking for a bit of inspiration really as with a husband and 3 kids my shopping basket seems to be full of starchy carbs, and as soon as I even so much as look at bread/pasta/rice etc my stomach bloats and I look about 4 months pregnant :eek:

    Thanks if anyone can help?!
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  3. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Was Cambridge, now maintaining
    Okay..what I ate yesterday

    Breakfast: Porridge (about 30g oats, but I just use a scoop), with a handful of frozen fruit, honey and milk. Cooked then a tablespoon of greek yoghurt stirred in. Not low fat yoghurt so it was really creamy and yummy. Oh and my bimuno stirred in.

    Lunch: Baxters spicy tom, rice and sweetcorn soup with a small eggs salad. One h/b egg, cherry toms, cucumber, lettuce and about tlbs of salad cream

    Mid afternoon: Mango smoothie. Frozen mango chunks, milk, more greek yoghurt :D

    Dinner: Chicken breast with a little tandori sauce. Basmati rice and about a 1/3 plate of veg. Followed by a mini cornetto.

    Mid evening: a handful of almonds

    Late evening: Curly wurly :D

    Various teas, coffees etc

    Think that's it:)
  4. CheekyMooster

    CheekyMooster Member

    Thanks KD :)

    Oooh almonds - what I wouldn't give for some of those! Unfortunately my son is allergic to nuts though so we don't even risk having them (or any other types) in the house.

    Love the porridge idea, and can't believe you eat so much more than me but it seems that as soon as I start eating anything again the weight starts piling on again :confused:

    I am trying cutting out wheat/gluten as of tomorrow as I seem to be going around with a tum that looks pregnant again - and I know that definitely isn't the cause!!

    What is bimuno, by the way?
  5. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Was Cambridge, now maintaining
    I used to think that about me :D Strangely, the above is only about 1400 calories. Most days I eat a fair amount more, but that day I wasn't particularly hungry.

    The porridge made this way is scrummy. Plenty of it and takes a while to eat. Really sets me up for the day.
    I'm on strong antibiotics at the moment, so taking bimuno to keep my tum in good working order:cool: Bimuno is a powder that you add to food that helps increase the healthy bacteria in the gut. Rather like a probiotic, but instead of adding 'good' bacteria, which often dies on it's way to it's destination, bimuno is a prebiotic and just feeds your own good bacteria.

    Only take it if I'm poorly and my immune system is down.
  6. CheekyMooster

    CheekyMooster Member

    I am definitely giving that porridge a go tomorrow! Didn't have any oats (other than Ready Brek - yuk) in the house this morning so had a CD strawberry shake for breakfast and then a modified version of your porridge recipe using flaked rice for lunch. And very nice it was too!

    Still can't believe all that food you had was about 1400 cals!! I am keeping a food diary now to keep tabs on what I'm actually eating.
  7. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Was Cambridge, now maintaining
    I go through phases, but at the moment, I'm enjoying this breakfast most days. It's more substantial in calories compared to other mornings as by the time I've added everything there's a fair amount to get through :D Really does help stop me picking throughout the day...and the evening munchies are less if I've had a good brekkie :cool:

    Good idea. It can be quite an eye opener.
  8. CheekyMooster

    CheekyMooster Member

    Typical me, forgot to get oats while I was out and about yesterday so ended up with ground rice with apple and cinnamon for breakfast today, which was actually really yummy!

    Got a weigh-in tomorrow so hopefully I won't have gone up or down this week :)

    Bit worried though as we have a weekend of eating coming up - going out for dinner on both Saturday and Sunday as its my husband's birthday and various people are taking us out for dinner and lunch!
  9. Porgeous

    Porgeous Chilling

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    CD SS
    Hi Cheeky

    Didn't see this before but if it helps today I had..

    Bowl of Allbran with skimmed milk
    Large bowl of grapes and raspberries
    Wholewheat roll with chicken tikka pieces
    Large pot rhubarb yoghurt
    Bag of sweet chilli snack a jacks
    Breadcrumbed sole with chunky chips and beans
    Another large bowl of grapes, raspberries, blackberries
    4 Rich tea fingers

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