Question for CDC's


Cambridge Diet Counsellor

Can anybody advise me what they do when a client weighs more than their scales go up to?


H x

This only happened to me once. I suggested they weigh in at Boots so that we had a correct starting weight, and I bought some scales that went up to 32 st 8 lbs. Will try to find the link for you.
I did the same - got them to go to Boots .... they do a digital reading.

Someone told me that standing one foot on one scales and the other on another set works ... but I'm sceptical??!! Am I being wound up here??!!

Thanks for the replies - Not sure about buying some new scales - mine go up to 23st 8lbs and I don't want to pay out £50 for the client to decide after a week that Cambridge is not for them. Plus I love my scales, really portable and easy to use.

I will ask the client to go to boots for a weigh in and then see in a couple of weeks time if the client is sticking with Cambridge.
Thanks again

H x