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I hesitate to post this, but this has bothered me and I would really love other counsellors’ opinions. I am a staunch advocate for the Cambridge diet and really believe it to be a healthy way to lose weight, but do you think that for some people, they need 4 shakes a day rather than 3 even if they are under 5'8"?

I would describe myself as muscular. People say I'm slim but grossly underestimate my weight and dress size. I am 5'6", but a 9W shoe. Big head...still can't get hats to fit, boney wrists but still too big for most bracelets. My 5'8" friend is certainly a much smaller frame size than me. Though she is about 5 stone overweight, she can fit into shoes, hats and bracelets that my body can't. She would have been required to have 4 meals a day as opposed to my 3 and we both find this odd.

When I did Cambridge, I didn't get that great feeling that others get. To be honest, I felt weak and undernourished. My nails broke off, (though they always did anyway) and I just felt very under par.

My cholesterol levels improved enormously, but my blood tests came back as very anaemic, which confused me since I was having the full quota of CD meals. I was also low in vit B and others things I can't remember:confused:

I did wonder at the time whether I actually needed 4 meals, but my super duper CD just said that 5'6" should be 3.

When I came off CD, I started to feel better. Nails still broke though despite eating healthily.

This last month I've been taking multivitamins and mineral supplements on top of my healthy meals and I can't believe how well my nails are growing, and how much more energy I have.

It's made me start wondering again if perhaps I should have had 4 CD's when I was SSing. Perhaps my body utilises things differently? I certainly survived to tell the tale and believe that the CD probably saved my life, but whenever people talk about how great they feel when they are in ketosis, I wonder if others have the same experience as myself.

Have you heard of this happening before? What would you advise had I been one of your clients?
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It isn't unheard of for someone to have 4 packs and be under 5ft 8in.

I had a guy who was a landscape gardener who had 5 packs a day (on Cambridge HQ advice) and also a lady who was 4ft 7in who also took 4 packs at the advice of her GP.

So the answer is yes in special circumstances.

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You can have up to 5 packs per day. It really is down to discussion with the counsellor and client or doctor if appropriate.

However, it is essential that women over 5'8" and men have the 4 packs minimum.

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I was always concerned that I would be cheating if I had another pack, yet I felt my body needed it. I certainly didn't feel the need to cheat as such, I wasn't hungry or craving or anything.

Being a 'by the book' type of person I stuck with 3. I'll know for next time;)

Hey! There's not going to be a next time! :D


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This is very interesting and one that we should know more about...

I do get the wonderful feeling from ketosis and I am 5' 4" and very small frame...

my nails and skin have improved since starting the diet whereas before doing this diet my nails kept breaking half way down.

I have noticed that I go into ketosis different every this time into ketosis when I woke up the next morning after one day...

Then another time I was 21 days before I felt right and still feeling cranky and did not get the good feeling and was miserable

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I've just started the diet andi'm 5ft 7. My councellor asked if i would like to take 4 packs for the 1st week just in case I needed them as I was close to the 5ft 8 limit where you have to have 4 packs. I declined and said I'd see how I go but she did offer.