Question for those at target


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I know I'm just getting started but I was wondering something re. getting to target. Did you find weight harder to loose the closer you got to target ? Were there any changes you had to make to help you get there or is it easy enough to reach target by just following the plan.

I know for me it's a long way off but we were chatting in class about making sure you have all your syns so that if, down the line, losses have been slow then you can cut down a bit to help things along. I just wondered if this kind of thing helped the closer to target you get.

Pam x
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I know that a lot of people to struggle as they get closer to their target, but I was lucky and lost the last few pounds much quicker than my first few!
I never cut back on syns and had the 15 every day.
Good luck!


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Unfortunately I'm nowhere near target.....

However, having read lots of posts.....EVERYBODY IS DIFFERENT!!!!

Some have carried on eating 15 syns a day and just breezed to their targets.
Some have carried on as normal but found that they needed to reduce their syns a little, just as a final push, as they slowed down nearer to target.
Some have been as good as the angels(!!) but struggled to lose those last few pounds. They've changed what days they do, tried doing more speed/superspeed foods, varied what healthy extras they have......and still spent the last few months before reaching target gaining and losing the last few pounds, or just stayed the same a lot and lost 1/2 lb every few weeks.

As I said before....EVERYBODY IS DIFFERENT !!!!!

Hope this helps!!....And good luck in getting to YOUR target!!


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Im struggling now im nearing target, averaging a 0.5lb loss a week. BUT i am happy with that and i'm closing in!


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My weight loss was always a pound a week with the occasional STS and that didn't change when I got closer to target, still 1 lb a week. I've always had 10 syns a day but use them weekly ( the first 2 stone I had 15 a day, but after that 10).


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Well, as said everyone will have a different experience but I worked to 10 syns a day every day of my weight loss and lost weight steadily over an 11 month period, with never more than one STS week at a time. My consultant didn't work with half pounds so who knows, I might have lost every week. I actually lost more weight the week I got to target (4lb) than I had any other week, even the first! From the second month onwards I exercised regularly and think this probably helped a lot, and I always made sure I had a good variety of all foods and HEs.


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The last couple of pounds came off SO SOWLY!! I tried all sorts of things to shift them.

What worked for me was having mostly Red days, lots of speed and superspeed foods, and incorporating Superfree meals (brekkie and lunch superfree, and a Red/Green evening meal).

I found that if I dipped my syns too low, I would actually put on weight, so I kept to an average of 10 or 11 syns per day.

I'm actually doing all these things again now, having put on a few pounds over Xmas and New Year and going slightly above the target range. Unfortunately those pounds are coming off every bit as slowly as last time - grrrrr!!!!!


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S: 15st11lb C: 11st6lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 23 Loss: 4st5lb(27.6%)
Thanks a lot for the info/advice everyone that's really helpful. It seems it'll be whatever works best for me and like Lonestitcher says we're all different :)