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Question for those who swapped from LL to CD

Hi all!!
Finally got organised and am meeting my CDC next week, gave up LL because i just couldn't cope with the flavours or lack of them :sign0137:, so for those in the know , what flavours do you recommend. i know it's not going to be michelin starred or anything but was down to mushroom soup and banana shake on LL and they weren't going down well. also how do the tetras taste are they powdery- thinking of them for work but am a savoury girl really. I know everyone has different tastes but all thoughts welcome:eat:
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I switched from LL to CD, the bars from LL are vile!!
I like the vanilla and the butterscotch shakes from CD. All the bars are nice but my favourite are the peanut and the cranberry! I haven't tried any of the soups, prefer shakes.
After those LL toffee bars I was very excited!! Good luck x


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I was the same as you - could only manage LL Banana shake and Mushroom soup. I find CD much better flavour-wise. No the tetras are not powderery - very smooth and a bot thicker - I adore the chocolate although I hate chocolate milkshake normally.

Soups are better than LL - not sure on the shakes yet - def better variety - like the choc mint one - The bars are fab - I pretty much live off choc tetras and the bars - I like all of them.

It makes it so much easier - it doesn't feel like you're depriving yourself of all tastes on CD.

Good luck - hope you enjoy the change
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Hi there
I swapped from LL to Cd after foundation , for a few reasons but the lack of variety was definately a big drawback on LL. If you liked the Banana and Mushroom on LL you will find the Banana is not quite as nice in my opinion but the mushroom is nicer as are all the other soups. My favs on LL were Thai chili and Mushroom , on Cd the Oriental chili is much nicer , I love the broccoli and stilton becuase its sort of potatoey, and you will like the vegatable as its gots lots of bits in is tasty and is a nice colour unlike the LL one that tasted and looked insipid. The fruits of the forest shake is my fav at the moment in shakes , and the choc mint is lovely madde into a mousse with the mix a mousse you can buy off your CDC, I cant wait to try the choc orange mousse, becuase if its as nice as the dark choclate orange bar it will be gorgeous! The bars especially aforementioned peanut crunch and cranberry crunch are divine , if you like your chocolate treat then you are definately going to love CD.
Good Luck with the swap!
thanks for all the replies, will have had a couple of weeks off in total by the time I get to see CDC so am looking forward to it and not . have had real food so it's not going to be easy, surprisingly enough I have stayed off things i thought i would be dying for choc and crisps. No interest:wow:but bought a low calorie bread and the nicest thing I have had was boiled egg and toast, would you ever ???? have not been eating as much trying to stick to chicken and green veg sort of thing and tryand maintain the weight i lost ....okay so far...but my appointment can't come quick enough!!!

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It was the best thing i ever done switching from LL to CD, the flavours are so much nicer....

Here are some ideas of flavours & which ones to mix for an even yummier taste...

Cappucino is lovely hot
Choc mint lovely hot or cold
Half a pack of choc mint mixed with half a pack of strawberry...yummy

Half a pack of choc mixed with half a pack of banana, that's nice hot or cold too.
My son likes half a pack of toffee & walnut mixed with half a pack of choc, i don't like it but he loves it!

Hope this gives you some ideas.

Good luck with your CD start.....xxx
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I swapped to CD after 9 wks of LL, left as the counselling sessions weren't really for me.

I LOVE CD!!! The flavours are much better than LL, and the bars are scrummy, esp the Peanut Crunch. My favourite however, is the Spicy Tomato soup with a sprinkling of black pepper!!!!

As I've only got about 18lbs to go to target, I've now started the 790 plan, and have just had a fab tea of cottage cheese, with dried chives mixed in with a rocket salad - it was absolutely scrummy!!
This is all really useful as I too am planning to swop from LL to CD after my holiday after my 100 days. Hopefully will be starting CD w/c 22 October.

Is the caramel/butterscotch shake better on CD? Can't bear it on LL. In fact if anyone would like to comment on these it would be good:

Chocolate - is it thicker? Nicer? More like - erm - chocolate? What about the tetra?
Caramel/buttescotch - better than LL?
Banana - sad to hear this isn't as good as it's the only LL one I actively like.
Vanilla - is there one?

HATE the LL veg one - is CD's better?

Looking forward to those bars.....

Nice to know there's a little group of us - we should keep in touch.

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