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Extra Easy Days Question please

I started today by following the free menu on SW website.
Tonight I have Spag bol but there is no measurements or portion sizes.
What size portion spag bol should I have or does it not matter?
Also just made the Pasta Quiche for tomorrow and it says have a slice, but what size is a slice????

Please help

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There are NO set portion sizes with SW...that's the beauty of it.

You should eat as much as it takes for you to feel satisfied. And, I stress SATISFIED, not stuffed to bits! But if you're hungry, have a big portion. Don't forget to have a third of your meal as superfree food (veggies and salad, basically!)


A sucker for a key change
With the spag bol, you decide what the correct size portion for you is. Eat until full (not stuffed). With the quiche, I usually have it as part of a meal (lunch) and have 1/6 or 1/4 if I am extra hungry.

I hope that helps!!

Good luck with your weight loss journey!

K xx
Hello there - one of the great things about SW is that (in the main - aside from HEX) it does not dictate portion size, aside from the statement around eating until satisfied (which I guess means 'not until you are completely stuffed' - my words!!!!!).

Hope this helps? I would go with what you feel 'comfortable' with eating.


A sucker for a key change
Thank you each. Sounds fantastic.
MrsMc, do you know how long the quiche will last for in fridge, or if it will freeze???
I've not frozen one and I have only chucked it out if I have had it in the fridge for more than 3 days or so. It gets picked at a lot (large family) so there isn't often much left. I'm not sure what it would be like after freezing due to the pasta. But it is worth a try if you have some left that needs eating up...
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I would say that the quiche would last for a couple of days in the fridge, but I wouldnt recommend freezing it Hun.
OK.....I shall not freeze it. May try and get the boys to eat some, if some gets left the dog can always have a treat...lol

thank you for all your quick replies.


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