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Question re. Sparkling Water.


I have found that sparkling water is much easier to drink than still, even though I never touched it before LL.

I have noticed on the bottles that different brands contain different amounts of sodium...for eg. Highland Spring has been the lowest so far, but I ran out and nipped to the co-op where 1 litre contains approx 32g of sodium. Does this matter?
Will it affect my weight loss?

And is it ok to drink sparkling water rather than still? Or should I drink more still?

Many Thanks. :)
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Oh that's good to know BL, thanks.

I was a little worried as I know sodium is a form of salt...I just wondered if it could have too much salt for me.

At least you are walking proof that it is ok. :)

I like it with the flavouring too...my Bucks Fizz, LL styleee! xx :p


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Hey laydee

I used loads of sparkling water, also never looked at the sodium but you are wise to do so. It just never entered my head! I loved my evening fizzy with LL juice mix. My favourite was the St Clements which was my "G&T" It also really helped me out when I was in social situations.

I drink bottled water in my shakes and soda water the rest of the time, it is not something I am concerned about.

Kat xx


I will do this!
I've never liked sparkling water / soda water before but would really like to get some. Can anyone recommend a good brand? and what's the difference between sparkling and soda? (excuse my ignorance!)
Hiya Gemma,

Well, i have tried Asda, Co-op and Highland Spring.

Cannot tell any difference at all other than the sodium levels and the price.

As BL never worried about the sodium and still did the diet, and as my LLC hasn't said otherwise, I am going to stick to Asda's own. ( Nobody else seems t have worried about the sodium, so I will stick to what is cheapest).

A 2L bottle from Asda is 33p...a 2L bottle of Co-op's own is 92p. Highland Spring was around £1 I think for 1.5L.

So, I will be stocking up on Asda's. :)

It's nice with my St Clem. as already someone said....like a fruit pop drink.

Not tried the other water flavourings yet.

But, even as just water, it's so much easier to keep drinking than still, I think. xx

Oh, PS ~ don'treally think there is any difference with soda?? Maybe it will say on the label.

PPS ~ just realised I still have 2 bottles of soda water in the fridge from when I used it for spritsers....doesn't say anything different on label...just carbonated soda or sodium hydro'd water.
When 'eating out' with family and/or friends I usually order a litre of sparkling water and may or may not add the water flavourings. I agree with everyone else - the St Clements in sparkling water is lovely. I enjoy that as a treat and feel less left out of the meal, plus I am getting a good amount of my daily intake, especially when I normally add a couple of black coffees to the order :).

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