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Kays Soup Challenge - OCT to MAR

Discussion in 'Slimming World Teams & Challenges' started by Kay003, 10 April 2014 Social URL.

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  1. Kay003

    Kay003 Gold Member

    Welcome to another challenge, which is sure to kick start your losses ! :asskick:

    The soup challenge involves a combination of things and is not just about eating soup in the week ! In order for it to work, all the elements must be followed. If you feel you want to adapt it or tweak it, that's up to you but I can't say what the results will be at the end of the week. If you follow it all the way through, then I am certain you will see a loss. I have made amendments to it since I last did it to help further boost losses.

    Here are the guidelines to the challenge : -


    Soup Challenge.png
    How long is the Soup Challenge for ?

    To receive maximum benefits, the challenge must be completed for the whole 7 days.

    What should the soup contain

    The soups should contain fibre and protein but no carbs ( so the soup must not have any, rice, pasta, noodles or any bread ). It doesn't matter what recipe you make, but it should be packed with lots of vegetables and protein only. In terms of carbs, this challenge is a low carb challenge so you can have some carbs in your other meal of the day, but not in your soup, your soup must be full of fibre and carb free ! I will talk more about carbs in a bit.

    How many times should I have my soup ?

    Your soup should be taken as one of your main meals in the day. If you feel like having it more than once in the day, then that's fine too. But you can't skip a day with no soup. The minimum requirement is to have it once everyday.

    Which Plan should I follow ?
    (explained in spreadsheet)

    The plans will work in rotation, there are some green/ee days which will be the LOW CARB days and some red days which will be the NO CARB days. If you are vegetarian and only follow green then that's fine, on the red days you can do green but NO CARBS on those red days, fill your day with lots of veggies beans and pulses but no potatoes, bread, pasta, noodles or rice, (for eg, you could have a big veg stir fry for one of your meals and your soup could be lentil soup for your other meal, breakfast can be fruit and yogurt :)).

    CARBS (explained in spreadsheet)

    This is a low carb challenge so the days you are allowed carbs will alternate. The NO CARB days will be the red days and the LOW CARB days will be green or ee. On the low carb days one of your meals can contain some carbs but a small portion. Your plate should be filled with lots of superfree veggies !


    The minimum requirement for this challenge is 2L a day. You can use nas squash if you find water hard to drink, but soft drinks do not count as your daily water allowance.

    BODY MAGIC (explained in spreadsheet)

    Body magic must be done for a minimum of 30 mins a time, and it must be done on the planned LOW CARB days (green/ee). Do not switch the days around, it will have less impact. Feel free to add extra exercise on the NO CARB days (red) if you feel like.


    As a general rule, try and be conscious of how much salt you consume in the week. Try and keep it low. When making the soup, try and use low sodium stock cubes instead of regular stock cubes which are higher in salt. Most brands like knorr and oxo do a low sodium version.


    The maximum number of syns allowed per day is 10, even for days out.


    I have posted this thread up early so you have some time to prepare a shopping list. To help you get inspired here are a few useful links. Remember to look for soup recipes which do not contain carbs ! Your soup must be carb free ! Or look to see if something can be substituted for another vegetable :).

    SW Website Soup Recipes

    Recipes - Healthy Eating - Slimming World

    If you go to group, then SW have a book called `SW Little Book of Soups ' I think its £3.95 in group, its fab !


    I also discovered on the mins recipe section, lots of members have posted lovely soup recipes, here are a few threads to get you busy. :p











    I have done a template for everyone to follow. This means you do not need to post up your whole food diary on here everyday. If you can all start using this template going forward, it will be much easier for me to see who is actually doing the challenge.

    1. Date - fill out the date your food diary is for
    2. Day of Challenge - eg, DAY 4 of challenge
    3. PLAN (green/ee or red - you should be following the spreadsheet)
    4. Water Intake - this should be 2L minimum
    5. Carbs Today - This should say no carbs for the red days, and on the green/ee write low carbs and list the quantity you have had (ie for rice, pasta potatoes, noodles, bread )
    6. Body Magic - Exercise must be done on the LOW CARB (green/ee) days for a minimum of 30 mins. Please list what body magic you have done, eg 30 mins walk. (If you have done extra exercise in the week on the NO CARB (red) days you can list that too).
    7. Total Syns - Maximum of 10 allowed, please write your total number of syns if you have gone over be honest and right it down.
    8. Soup - Here you can post your pic or write what soup you had and list of ingredients.

    Here is an example :

    1. Date - Tuesday 15th April 2014
    2. Day of Challenge - Soup Challenge Day 1
    3. Plan : Red Day
    4. Water Intake - 3L
    5. Carbs Today - None
    6. Body Magic - 30 mins walk
    7. Total Syns - 5
    8. Soup - Veg Soup (tomatoes, onions, kale, mushrooms, carrots, green beans, cabbage, LS Stock, seasoning)

    Here is the template for you to copy paste and fill in: (please start using this when you start the challenge :))

    1. DATE:
    3. PLAN:
    6. BODY MAGIC:
    7. TOTAL SYNS:
    8. SOUP:

    Please can you make sure that you are filling out your challenge at the end of your day or the next morning, its no good posting up in the middle of the afternoon because you still don't know if you'll be adding more to your meals at the end of the day.

    When does the challenge start ?

    I realise now that although I have always started the challenges on Tuesdays, to get the full benefit of the 7 days its better if you all start after your weigh in day so you get a whole week. That does mean double work for me, because I will have to catch all your loses on different days lol, but I don't mind, I'm more than happy to help :D.

    If you can all start by posting your names on here if you are doing the challenge and when you want to start and what day you get weighed please. I need all this info for the results spreadsheet.

    Info I Need:-

    Name -
    Start Date -
    Weigh in Day -

    How do I know it works ?

    Myself and a group of other mins friends did a `SALAD CHALLENGE ' not so long ago and everyone that took part had an amazing result ! Here is the results spreadsheet for that one ! Based on that I'm sure this one will work just as well ! :p

    Salad Challenge2.png
    If you have any other questions to do with The Soup Challenge, feel free to ask me on here and I will do my best to reply back asap ! :D

    Kay xx
    Last edited: 20 August 2014
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  3. Cheese Thief

    Cheese Thief Gold Member

    Hey hun,

    Can't wait to get started on your challenge! I'm going to do a weekly WI rather than fortnightly too just so I know how much I lose on each of the challenges!

    Name - Bev
    Start Date - Sunday 13th April
    Weigh in Day - Sunday 20th April

    Gonna have a look at some of those soup threads now
  4. La Parisienne

    La Parisienne Silver Member

    Wow, thanks Kay!! This looks fabby!

    Name - Sophie

    Start Date - Monday 14th April
    Weigh in Day - Monday 21st April

  5. Kay003

    Kay003 Gold Member

    Hey ! So glad to have you onboard Bev ! I know your gonna smash this challenge ! :D Have added your name to the Results spreadsheet which I will be posting up in a mo.

    Kay xx
  6. Kay003

    Kay003 Gold Member

    Hello and welcome :p. So glad to see you've joined hun. I hope you do super on the challenge. :) Will add your name to the Results Spreadsheet now.

    Kay xx
  7. mariavon

    mariavon Gold Member

    start date Saturday 12/4/14
    weigh in date Saturday 19/4/14
  8. Kay003

    Kay003 Gold Member

    Yay ! Hello lovely, glad to have you on here ! :D My partner in crime hehe :p. Hoping together were gonna do fab on this one ! :) Adding your name now . (I'm going to pop over to your diary soon too ).

    Kay xx
  9. Kay003

    Kay003 Gold Member

  10. coughdrops

    coughdrops Silver Member

    Holy Soupbowl Batman!

    That's an epic post Kay... I'll have to settle in and swot up. For now, my dates are:

    Name - Niamh (Coughdrops)
    Start Date - Wed 16th April
    Weigh in Day - Wed 23rd April
  11. Kay003

    Kay003 Gold Member

    Hey Niamh, glad to have you on board the challenge, you did super in the last one ! :D I will add you to the list. Good luck on this one, I know you'll do smashing ! :)

    Kay xx
  12. upndown

    upndown Gold Member

    Wow Kay that's a lot of work - kind of u - thanks
  13. kimberleycandukan

    kimberleycandukan Silver Member

    I'd like to join but I am scared I will be hungry. Lol!
    Think I should give it a go. Thanks for sorting all of this out x

    start- thurs 17th
    weigh- weds 23rd
  14. Kay003

    Kay003 Gold Member

    Aww thanks Linda, I'm always here to help ;).

    Kay xx
  15. Kay003

    Kay003 Gold Member

    Hey Kimberley :p, your most welcome hun. The soup will actually fill you up, you can have as many bowls as you like if you feel hungry in the day. Also all the fibre and water you'll be getting will help sustain your blood sugar levels and reduce your cravings. It's defo worth a try and see how you go. I've added your details to the list. :)

    Kay xx
  16. KMD

    KMD Silver Member

    Hello, hello! Room for a little one (ok, maybe not a little one, but hopefully will be after the soup challenge! hehe)

    Name - Kirsty
    Start Date - Monday 14th April
    Weigh in Day - Monday 21st April

    Thanks! xxx
  17. Kay003

    Kay003 Gold Member

    Yay ! Lovely to have you here Kirsty :p. I'm sure you will kick some butt next week and shed that weekend weight off, you'll be back in control in no time and have a fabby loss at the end of the challenge ! :D

    Kay xx
  18. KMD

    KMD Silver Member

    Thanks Kay :D I really hope so. The challenge will definetely help. I may have to adapt it a bit to fit in as I don't do slimming world. Could you just give a me a quick overview of what red, green and ee days involve? And I will try and stick with that type of diet for next week so hopefully I'll get a good loss :D xxxx
  19. Kay003

    Kay003 Gold Member

    In very very simple terms, green days are mainly veg days no meat is allowed, and red days you can have meat and veggies but no carbs allowed (eg, bread, rice, pasta, noodles, potatoes) . Hope this helps :).

    Kay xx
  20. KMD

    KMD Silver Member

    Ok, brilliant! Thanks Kay, I will also work out the syns in some of my naughty treats and make sure I don't go over! Thinking this soup challenge could be good for me! :D xxxx
  21. Kay003

    Kay003 Gold Member

    Hi everyone :p, just going to post up 2 soups recipes from 2 of my lovely mins friends to share with you all. :D

    Chicken and Sweetcorn Soup by Rae Rae

    Sweetcorn and Celery Soup by Von

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