Question re SS and BMI


Yo-yo dieter here for the gazillionth time
Hi guys, I know one of you helpful people will be able to answer my question. I have lost just over 2 stone and am now 10 stone 6lbs but am hoping to get down to 9 stone so still have one and a half to go. 9 stone is not underweight for my height and I still think I look/feel like I need to lose more (my waist measurement is still quite big). The thing is, my BMI is currently either 24.3 or 23.6 (don't know if I'm 5'5" or 5'6"!!). I am still SSing but start my 2nd AAM on Friday but what should I be doing to lose the rest of the weight after that? I really want to continue on SS after AAM next week but I read somewhere you are not supposed to do that if your BMI is under 25. The thing is, I don't think I can afford food packs AND food and I don't know what to do. I also don't want to have to spend months and months getting rid of the remaining one and a half stone when I've done so well with the first 2.
I don't have any great advice i'm afraid... but will be watching with interest! ;)
Congrat's on getting into a healthy BMI! :D And for being concious about how you proceed from here. :)

Good luck! :cool:
Hiya Jubbly

Are you seeing a counsellor? They should have stopped you doing sole source at 25 and you certainly shouldn't be doing it if your BMI down in the 23's!

Therefore you need to speak to your counsellor and talk about going into maintenance and using the 1000,1200 and 1500 plans to finish your weight loss.

Your counsellor should be able to confirm this!

Thanks, my counsellor never said I HAD to come off SS and seemed OK when I told her I am still doing it. She said she would support me in whatever weight I want to go to so long as it's not underweight. I honestly can't believe my BMI is OK, I still think I look overweight. The thing is, if I start maintenance then how will I lose that one and a half stone? Surely it will take me ages?? Isn't maintenance about maintaining rather than losing weight (sorry to state the obvious but I get a bit confused about this!!) ie. I thought you started maintenance when you reached goal weight?
You can still lose very effectively on the 1000 program so don't worry but you MUST stop SS if your BMI is under 25, your counsellor can phone head office to confirm this but they should know this.

Another way of looking at it is that you are on a very low calorie diet that gives quick weight loss when your are NOT overweight! Therefore you should go into maintenance.

And you can still reach goal weight using the higher plans but the problem is that if you go SS for another 21 pounds and then do maintenance your BMI will be too low and it will all start to go a bit wrong.

Personally, I dislike the term maintenance for the next stage of CD. I prefer, in stabilising the glycogen...or getting it back for normal levels anyway.

The diet isn't finished until that is done. You should still continue to lose.

For me, maintenance is when you finish the refeeding or stabilisation process, but others use the term maintenance (perhaps Cambridge use it themselves?), so I guess there's not a word for when you've finished:confused:

Anyway, regardless of which term you use, Mike's advice is right. As always :D
OK - cheers for the advice, you stars!! I don't think I will be going back to SS after next weeks AAM although God knows how I'm going to afford food AND packs!! I'm also scared about adding food now as I find SS easy but I guess I should really come off it now. I just hope I can get down to that 9 stone by the end of November :)
Don't forget that when on 1000 you only have 2 packs a day so the price drop to RRP £21.70 and then on 1200 it is also £21.70 and just £10.85 per week on 1500.

Don't I need to do 790 first? And how long do I spend on each stage? Sorry - I could wait to read my leaflet tonight but this is easier!!! Can I also ask how far off your goal weight you were when you started using the higher programmes?
Yes you need to a week on 790 first before moving up.

And you need to spend a minimum of 7 days on each stage but you may well want to hover on 1000 for a few weeks so your weight continues to drop. The longer the better basically!!!

I lost 3/4 stone on the food based plans but was touching goal weight before I started.