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we are making it but we have to add the kidney beans and we usualy get the ones with chilli already in it.... maybe ill just stick with beans lol
i looked in the book and it says

tesco chilli beans in chilli sauce, canned

free on green...no red syns listed as it's in the green free branded food section of the new book.
its a super speed food too :D

not sure if these are the ones coz it doesnt say kidney beans..just chilli beans.

hope this helps xx


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oh good cause i had a small bit and loadsss of baked beans it was delish!!

had a really bad day tho!!!!!!!!!!!!:cry:
i went to pizza express and had 2 (yep not 1 but 2) of the individual size pizzas!! do you think that means i have ruined the weight loss for this week?? i cudnt believe it. i have done so well for the rest of the week!! :sigh:


wants a new body
hiya hun
when is your W.I?
you might be lucky, if you do end up putting a little bit of weight on don't beat yourself up about it, just get straight back into it lol



rainbows holiday buddy :)
STAY AWAY FROM PIZZA!!! that's my worst food for weight gain. i haven't had pizza hut since march...i do think (or should that be fantasise?) about it quite alot though! lol

you'll probably be fine as it's you're 1st week, but i wouldn't test it out again. i did it once last year and maintained, so i did it again the following week and had a 2lb gain!

just be good for the rest of the week and if you fancy eating out go italian/indian/chinese.


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oh god ok!! lol

i think the reason was it was a boring sunday, and i was starving. is there any really fast foods you can make to fill u up quicklyy?? so its not to happen again


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Pasta is the best fast prepared food I can think of. It takes just 10 minutes to boil some up! I put an Oxo italian herb stock cube in with mine which is 1 Syn


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its all goin really bad for me.. i started so well and been sticking 100%. but yesterday out of boredom basicaly had the pizza n today had a bit of cheesecake after tea :wave_cry:

i think the reason is im just gettin so bored of all the same foods its hard to find stuff with not so many syns. i went out and bought pasta with a sauce, got home n realised it was something like 30 syns so went out and searched for a low one and finaly found one with 9.5 . and the cheesecake was just for my sweet tooth. anyone got any ideas that might stop me doing this cause i really wanna give this 110% and for it to work!!!!


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im afraid i dont know how :rolleyes: im not a great cook i stick to the basics!! have i totaly damaged my chances for the week then?? even if i have ill just carry on into next week no point stopping for afew days


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No you haven't ruined anything. Stop right where you are and get back on the plan. Get the Pasta n Sauces, they take 10 minutes and most are free.
look in the diary thread for some ideas of what other people are having and that will help you vary what you are eating and stop you gerring so bored x

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