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Questions for you lot who know more than me!

Hey guys - just a quick one/two. Are we allowed chewing gum? I saw somewhere that Listerine strips are ok to deal with bad breath so I was wondering if chewing gum is ok?

Also are we allowed to add anything at all to the chicken soup? I thought maybe 2 drops of Worcestershire sauce would help - but then I've also read that we're not allowed to add anything at all because it may affect ketosis....

Thank you! K x
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Ok - just found the anwer regarding chewing gum - that's a resounding NO! Anyone know where I can get strips from?!

Now - on the topic of adding flavour to soup....... any ideas?


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I dont think you can add anything at all, might be wrong though

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your not meant to add anything to the soup, but the odd occasion I have a soup I have a sprinkle of pepper in it.
the best place to get listerine strips is e bay as they dont sell them in the UK anymore :( I know Lipotrim have just bought their own version out called NuPhar ( spelling ??) so if your chemist doestn have them in , they should be able to get some from Lipotrim
Cheers guys - much help! Just bought some strips from ebay. x


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hi there
i know they say you cant add anything to the soup,but i used to add all sorts of spices and dried herbs...pepper,cayanne pepper,chilli plakes,dill..not sure about the ketoses thing coz i was always hungry so i decided i might aswel add stuff if i was hungry anyway haha...

i added sweeteners to the choc shakes and cinamon,really nice hot treat...but your not able to eat chewing gum.too much sugar i think....i also used to eat 2 or 3 sweeteners if i wanted something sweet,sad i know but it worked for me.....


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you can add chilli flakes and ground pepper there both ok and wont take ye out of ketosis but make sure your using flakes and ground pepper (little balls of pepper )

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