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Quick Que!

b'jesus that is a lot of water! excluding your shakes try not to go over 4 litres - that's what i was told - unless you are exercising. it wont be a disaster but i read something about washing away ketones or something. xxx


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I don't know how much water you use in the shakes, but I was told by LT not to drink more than 4 litres (I could have 4.5l as I use less water in my shakes- I like them thicker) but any more and I was told I could flush out the nutrients in the shakes and push my body into starvation mode. The week after I cut back on my water I doubled my 'regular' weight loss.
I use 200ml in my shakes..I like them quite thick too :) Would i be aloud have 4.5 litres then too ? Will try cool it down on the water ... :D
I would definitely say to decrease the amount of water you're drinking.

4/4.5litres is max LT say, I believe, and this is in addition to your shakes I think - but does also include tea and coffee. As i say, this is my understanding and it has stood me in good stead so far :)


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That is a little excessive .... like the others say - around 4litres excluding your shakes is suffice :)

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Too much water is not good. The four litre mark is really about max. Too much will be flushing through your system, will be making your kidneys work overtime and can swell the brain or so I have read!!! Unless you are running a marathon every day, cut it back a little.

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