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Quick question

Has anyone had a mix of slimfast and tesco ultra slim products? or is that not going to work? I like the idea of aving more variety as long as it stayes within the cal count?

e.g. Ultra slim hot choc for brekki
slimfast shake for lunch
fruit, yogart or a snakc bar from either SF or US?

then the 400-600 cal meal at night?
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im doing it now i have ultra slim for breakfast sf snack maybe slimfast drink for lunch another sf snack and my last meal at night i mix them all the time as long as calories are counted all the time ,, it works for me .. hope it carrys on too have lost 11 pounds so far good luck
thanks for ur reply peanut!
just wanted to get all the info before i go ot and buy!
My sister and i live in diffrent cities but decided to try this out together to keep us encouraged! Ive been on atkins for a few months and although it has helped me maintain or get my weight back after a binge i havent actually LOST much!

I wanted to do somic diffrent to kick start my loss then see if i can continue with low cal and gym!

How long have u been on SF and where u on another diet b4?
It seems the bigger a person is the quicker they lose and also if youv already been on a diet they have already lost the water weight.

Thats my problem.. iv already lost the water weight!


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hi sona my whole life has been a diet and this is the one that is working for me its taken me 4 weeks to lose the 11 pounds i started at 13stone 9 now im 12stone 12 am pleased with the 2 pounds a weeks prob could be more but im not an exercise junky lol i go swimming now and walk more like you i want to be 9 7 its my dream so heres to fingers crossed good luck to you as well
Good luck hun ur defo on the right tracks!
Im just looking up stuff i can eat for my main meal!
Im gona struggle with the 400-600 cal meals.. i will probs eat either too less one day or too much one day! Currently on atkins i am eating alot of chicken, salad and veg.. im not religiously counting the carbs but i think the food i have will be ok for slimfast dinners as they are not high in fat really.. (im not doing the meat and cheese diet version!) guess i just need to work out what to eat and stick to rotating it so i dont get bored!
BTW what do you genrally eat for dinner?
the same stuff all week or chop n change?
if you dont mind can u give me some examples of your dinners?


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no i dont have the same week in i would get too bored
breakfast ultra-slim shake
lunch ultra slim shake
dinner chickenbreast new potatoes loads of veg
plus 2 snacks either slimfast chewy bar
the cheese and chive pretzals

other days i will have shepards pie for lunch with lots of veg
i tend to work out all my cals from my fitnesspal.com
finding the ultra slim diet suits me im losing between 1-2 pounds per week bit slow but hey rather lose a pound than gain it :)
yesterday for my tea i had a mcdonalds kids hamburger meal which is 480 cals with a diet coke i never new that.. but i looked it up and its trues
as long as im getting my 1200 cals per day im happy i dont always make most of the time im under which is fine..
right, that sound great!thanks very helpful!
Im on my fitness pal for counting calories!
Ive disconverd that if i adjust some meals i can more or less eat what the family are eating most nights.

for example, as im from a pakistani family my fam would have chappati and curry. I can have a whole wheat chapati and most curries if i leave out most the oil.. stuff like lentils or chicken tikka.. even mince! And ofcourse veg dishes again cooked with less oil and olive oil. Do you think thats ok? According to fitness pal it is and also other recipies websides iv checked out.


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that sounds great you seem to have things worked out! seems daunting at first but once you have sorted out the calories everything falls into place . i have found on a lot of meals i do for the family i can eat as well but i use a smaller plate say a sandwich plate so i have less but it looks more, even when the family want meat pies i have a weightwatchers pie still the same but less calories im finding it a lot easier now i was a bit down at first because i always seemed hungrey. but after a chat with another lady on here i found i wasnt eating enough feeling better now i keep my cals up a bit. my fitness pal is wonderful for helping with the calorie count... keep in touch and let me know how you are getting on :D

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