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Quorn chicken bits


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Okay all you quorn experts - advice needed...

I have some frozen quorn chicken bits which I would like to use, so this is what I'm thinking.... can I cook them with frylight and a load of cajun seasoning? Then mix em in with salad?

I really don't like quorn but I'm trying to like it (iykwim) cos its superfree and speedy and as I'm out walking tomorrow I need a healthy free lunch to cancel out the pub tea.

Please help, I'm a quorn chicken cooking virgin....:cry:
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I love Quorn and eats lots of it, I usally make chilli's, curries, stir fry's, stews with the Quorn pieces, but it will marinade lovely as it takes it all flavours very quickly, the way you are thinking of cooking it sounds really nice to me - good luck with it, I'm sure you will enjoy it. X


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quorn is yum, usually use it in a sauce of some kind though so hopefully you won't find it too dry:)


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That's what I suspected, I may stir it through some tinned toms perhaps and some rocket. I need something I can eat cold.


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I would cook it today and then put it in fridge to absorb the flavours , it is always better the second day ,whatever quorn you use as it takes a while to take on the flavours
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Yes it will be fine to cook like that, weird im doing a qourn chicken curry tonight! i can't really taste the difference between qourn and the real thing so its great and so much easier!


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you could cook up with cajun seasoning and then when cool mix with some v. low fat fromage frais:)


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I bought it once, but never again! I hate the texture! I can however tolerate the mince, but I'd rather have the real thing!


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I have done this before with quorn pieces and cajun seasoning and a tin of chopped tomatoes and it was nice! i would def recommend the tomatoes or else quorns quite dry without sauce!

hope it works out ok and u like it lol! quorns great once you get used to it!


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