Racietracie's weight loss diary!!


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Thought Id start this diary to keep me motivated!!

Im a re-starter on Cambridge and started again on Tuesday 5th Sept.

My starting weight was 15 st 8lbs

I think ive gotten to the stage where enough is enough!

On the 6th Sept i ended my relationship with my b/f. We were only together 6 months, and amoungst other reasons, he didnt support me on this diet and would often bring round choc when he noticed i wasnt eating etc. saying i was fine as i was etc etc and ive decided that i dont need anyone in my life like that anymore. Instead of being happy to see him, it got to the stage where i was dreading him coming round, so i know it was the right thing to do.

so, on SSing, Every time I got through another hour, i was really proud and here i find myself on day 4, coming up to the end of day 4 and ive only just had my first pack.

I have reached day 2 plenty of times but day 4 hasnt happened for a very long time.

I weighed myself today and I weigh 15 1 so since Tuesday ive lost 7 lbs which im over the moon about.

Ive finally realized that the life i lead isnt the life i want. ive never ever put myself first and its time to make changes.

Im hoping it'll make me a better person and a better mum and maybe this time,i wont sell myself short, accepting 2nd, 3rd best.

I dont deny that its going to be hard, im abit scared coz ive not really got much will power.

Being a single parent to my 5 daughters (10,8,6,5,2) is very hard but im blessed and it'll all be worth it.

ok, so here i go, i hope no more self sabotage as that was a huge part of it.

im looking forward to getting to 14 stone something for the time being

Talk about sods law!!!

thanks very much isobel.

Now!! Talk about sods law!!!

After an agonising decision to give my husband the divorce and retract my intention to defend yesterday, so i took the papers to the court and this morning....................this morning, i get a letter from my husbands solicitor saying that he would accept a petition based on his adultery!!!

I just cant believe it, the result i wanted but its now whether or not i can retract my retraction if the court allows!!!

other exciting news, is that im meant to be meeting up with a friend from friends reunited next weekend, we went out when i was 17 and he was 16 just for a few months he lives in the US and is visiting.

it would be nice to meet him, although, i was only a size 10-12 when i last saw him, although he said he remembers my blonde hair and big boobs, well, its only my weight thats changed really!!

Half of me thinks i should put him off till he's next in uk with the hope that ive lost lots more weight.

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, not sure........................

i made the kids pizza for lunch today, OMG!!!!! the smell was just gorgeous!!
instantly my stomach started rumbling and i did think about smelling it but i didnt trust my mouth to not just jump in and BITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


can i resist the smells?????????

well, was it Diva that said this.........

thats exactly what i am going to do, i am choosing to not be fat today and let everyone else at this festival eat the calories i wouldve!​
im on day 6 now!!!

still going strong, although i really felt like havin some toast last night about midnight but i wasnt hungry and im still not hungry and i didnt give in!!!

weighed myself this morning, ive gone from 15 8 on tues to 14 13 today. 9lbs loss and its not even a week!!!

very pleased i am!!!

Todays been tough, just with the kids, theyve not listened to anything i have said today, or most days come to that.

Ive got myself abit of a scrap book going today, cutting out before and after pics from the LL mags and such like so if i do feel like eating something, i can flick through that and hope that it makes me determined again.

im the kinda person that when i have eaten something other than the packs, as soon as ive eaten it, i feel terribly terribly guilty!! i dont eat it and think "wow!!! that was worth it!!!" i think "why oh why oh why!!!!!!"

Then i feel sick to the pit of my stomach and instantly regret it, and wish i hadnt but you cant turn back time.............you can only learn from it but you know, despite me saying that...............have i ever learned from it.......................no, because if i had, id have only have 1 re-start, instead of several.

having said that, to actually restart and succeed, well thats gr8, its soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much harder to re-start and for anyone on SS who hasnt slipped, DON'T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi Tracie,

Fingers crossed for you.

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