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Ramblings of a binge eater..

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by jeew, 28 May 2014 Social URL.

  1. jeew

    jeew Full Member

    Well its got to point Im sat here looking at myself wanting to go the library to get my assignment done but not wanting to be looked at by people.. I equally dont want to stay at home because I know I wont work and ill eat..

    I havent particularly been on a diet recently..Ive been just exsisting..and Im back over 21stone..my jeans are so tight they hurt so Im back in my huge jogging bottoms that are no longer huge on me...last summer I went from 22stone to the teens...swore id never be like this again and yet again Im back.

    Got the books for most diets and eating plans at home but think ill try SW again...
    So guess this is day one again...weight 21st 2lbs
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  3. jeew

    jeew Full Member

    Oooo I lost 3lbs yesterday...thought id check to see if eating SW way made a difference and looks like it did.. :)

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  4. Pinkie1973

    Pinkie1973 Starting over again......

    Well done you!! I think SW would probably be more forgiving to binge eating - but really, hoe much superfree could you eat in one go? I once ate about 5 bowls of mixed berries with sweetener and shape yoghurt. Couldn't get enough, but at least it wasn't choc and other naughty carbs I guess.

    Take one day at a time, and try not to step on those scales till next WI. Are you attending a class?

    And what are you studying out of interest?
  5. jeew

    jeew Full Member

    I could probably eat quite a bit especially if im upset...ive seen the eating disorder clinic because ive swapped between binging and starving myself all my life it seems...but new job coming up so Im not going to be able to have time off to go to therapy.

    Im studying a post grad cert in early years and my early years teacher status...just got a job as an EYT in a nursery so start that soon. Desperately dont want to be this big when I start.

    I dont go to a class. Been before though many times.. Ive repeatedly been over weight throughout my adult life. Every time I get over 21 stone I feel yuck its like my tipping point x

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  6. jeew

    jeew Full Member

    My starting again photo..shocked me seeing this when it was taken..wake up call!!
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