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ratings on porridge?

hi all! on day 4 and still going strong - but just noticed that CD do porridge? I dont remember that being around when I did it last year? I spoke to my councillor about it and she doesnt generally stock it but will order it in for me provided I take 7 at least... can people just tell me what the porridge is like? i know everyones taste is different but perhaps in comparison to regular porridge? thanks guys (i just dont want to risk having so many if they might potentially be that bad)....
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Hello im glad to hear your still going strong on day 4 im starting cd today yes ive read they do porridges too!
which plan are u on? when is ure wi day?
shan x

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I would eat the porrige 3 times a day if I could. Love it. There's original and apple & cinnemon. I tried both. I now get the original so I can add to it ir real cinnemon or some shake powder etc. The first time i tried the original I thought it was vile but I love it now.

Enjoy xxx
hi im on the ss plan which isnt too bad - think day 2 was my hardest! Have agreed with my cdc to c her every 2 weeks so first wi is on 14th :) Trust me Shan if I can follow this plan u will be fine! lol good luck!


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lol i hope so i do give quickly sometimes lol i noticed ure goal date is september like me what have u got planned nice???
for me it's my 27th birthday im getting old lol!!
Yesterday was my 1st day on ss and i had the original porridge for my breakfast, i ate it no probs but did feel a bit sick afterwards but think thats just my body having to get used to it! i will be having it again today so couldnt have been that bad lol

Well done on getting to day 4! i found it really easy yesterday not hungry at all and drank loads of water but ive woke up this morning with a banging headache!

fingers crossed it gets easier lol
oh slim sammy trust me it does get easier! this is my second time on cd and both times after day 3, its a breeze! the only difficulty i find is I become a bit anti social... in that Im quite happy to go out to a meal and have a coffee but it makes other people uncomfortable... but in terms of feeling hungry - whats hunger? ;)
Shanny well done for doing something earlier... dont wait till ur 30 like me! I kick myself for not doing it once and for all years ago - Iv been overweight as long as I remember and wish Id done CD when i was a lot younger... although iv not missed out on anything because of my size, i think I would have been alot happier if id done it sooner! :)
This is my first day and my first Cambridge meal was the apple and cinamon porridge. I pray to God that the rest of the products taste better. I bought a bit of everything totry in the first week, but I will not be buying the porrige again. I have a very strong stomach and there isnt much I can't eat but I had to forse this down and was onthe verge of gagging.


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I like really sweet things and prefer the plain porridge to the apple.

The plain porridge tastes a little like semolina rather than just oaty but I think it is lovely and it is perfect for those times you just can't face another shake!
Hi No Mercy + everyone else.

Friday was the start of week 3 for me, in my first week I ordered a bit of everything including 4 porridges as I wanted to try as mush as possible.

Before doing CD I used to have plain porridge oats and skimmed milk for my breakfast anyway so I thought I'd really like the CD porridges especially the apple and cinnamon one and my CDC said they were really nice.

I know its all down to personal taste and you only have to read peoples post to see how true this is but personally I though both porridges were disgusting, to me they smelt, looked and tatsed disgusting, they just reminded me of a cross between flour and wall paper paste - yuk :jelous:

I managed to force down three and the fourth one I swapped with my CDC, I couldn't face another one and I haven't and won't be buying anymore!

It's a bummer that you'll have to order 7, that seems a bit wrong that your CDC is making you order a minimum :(

What have you liked so far?



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Hi everyone,

I personally love the porridge and have one everyday. However, i add a lot more water than the pack says as otherwise they can be a bit sickly and too thick.
i think its wrong your cdc making you buy 7. Most cdc's let you try one before you commit yourself.


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I have a porridge every day as well, I love both flavours but prefer the plain one. But I don't like regular porridge so it's probably nothing like that. Like Aloize I had alot more water than the instructions say. It's yummy, think I'm gonna make one now actually :)


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I like the porridge and actually take it to work with my for my lunch as I find it really filling. I get some funny looks having porridge for lunch mind you.

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