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Ratleys diary - just starting!!!

Hi Everyone

Well this is my first time writing anything on here and my first week on lipotrim - weigh in day tomorrow!!! (scary)

I started LT last saturday and thought it was going to be a right disaster but so far so good my main problem is drinking enough water and remembering to have all three shakes!
I was a crisp-a-holic last week and I work in a petrol station so have access to them all day, I thought doing this diet would be a nightmare but I've survived 6 days without the crisps (really shocked and pleased with myself).
I've been really good and not eaten anything although I find the hour before emerdale and eastenders is really hard not to eat as thats when I usually cook my tea.
I have had a lot of support from a work colleague who told me about the diet as I kept telling her she looks amazing!!
She's been on it 8 weeks and I cannot believe the change in her.
So I have my fingers crossed for tomorrow and hope I've done as well as she has, although I dont think I feel lighter (havent weighed myself keeping it as a surprise)
Yes the bad breath is a bit of a stinker, and the coldness is not good but hey theres always another jumper!
Sorry 1st post and I've gone on a ramble!
Well wishing you all best wishes and good luck with the diets :)
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Oh and meant to ask (as my colleague is much smaller than myself she couldnt help) what happens to the loose skin??? (yuk horrible thought)
Week 1 WI and I've lost 10lbs!!!!!!
Wow what a fantatic start! I'm really pleased for you and this loss will motivate you to get through the next week.

Well done you x
I was so surprised, was expecting maybe 5-6lbs but 10! BF thinks I might fade away(not much chance of that)
Hi huni, wow well done on first weigh in Ratley! I must say I was worried about loose skin but so far I been really luckly it just seems to have shrunk back I do want to tone up a bit but it hasnt been a problem. good luck huni xx


addicted to minimins!!
hey ratley,,dont worry youre not rambling!... and well done on youre fantastic weight loss this week thats great!.... now when youre in work and you get a craving think about how well youve done and how you dont need anything else :)

Keep it up! looking forward to seeing how you get on..:)
Hey Ratley, your first week's weight loss is brilliant, well done. I think drinking all the water really helps with the loose skin, and doing some toning exercises and stuff like that. Re the crisps..I know exactly how you feel. i've never admitted this on here but I did admit to my friend the other day that in the 39 days that I've been doing this diet I would have eaten over 150 packets of crisps..there was one type I was addicted to averaged about 4 packs a day...I miss them a lot, but it's a learning process and I'm trying to get my head round never having them again or at the very least only having a packet every month or so.

Anyway, now I'm rambling....well done again..and welcome to the forum x
Fantastic weight loss Ratley.. Keep going hun x x
Thank you for all the support everyone :D

mmm crisps......... just the word does it.
Your very right Ella I never used to think anything of 5-6 packs a day (and in petrol stations they only seem to sell 'THE BIG ONES').
Still not finding it too hard, it was my sons birthday on friday we went ten pin bowling, fizzy drinks and alcohol,, chips and kebabs afterwards! me=water all night(I survived easier than i thought it was going to be).
As for exercise well I bit the bullet and did something I used to enjoy a lot but have not done for seven years- I borrowed a friends thumping great horse (known for his 'attitude') and hoisted myself back into the saddle!!!! (had to be a big horse might have squashed it otherwise and didnt want RSPCA after me lol)
It really was fun!!!!
My friend was so relieved to find someone to ride him I've been asked to go back next sunday :D
So alls looking and feeling good at the moment
Good luck to all of you and its been a real help and inspiration being able to come on here and see how well you've all been doing and have done, keep up the good work and hope to talk to you soon
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Sound like you're well in contol Julie! One of these days I might ride again, always had ponies as a kid but then discovered boys!
I used to have my own horses but had to give them up due to 'a bad knee', after I'd rehomed all five of them I found out after a lot of messing about it was an old back injury making me walk not quite straight and after 3weeks of reflexology seven years ago I am now fine and dandy but horseless. I always liked riding difficult horses but convinced my self because of my weight and 'bad knee' I couldnt ride anymore.
Now my friend is over the moon, she has someone to ride her gorgeous big boy(who she's scared of).
After all life will only get easier and 'lighter' for him too :D
I'm sure you could find someone who will let you have a little taster ride to see if you want to go back to riding? (go for it -whats to lose?)
Oh it's not for lack of opportunity as my sister has horses, no it's just that I remember how much hard work they are and time-consuming! I just don't have time for another hobby!

My dad used to break difficult horses when I was a kid and fortunately I was fearless then as I was always being chucked on to some horse or another and told to hang on!
Ahh I see that all makes sense, you could pop along for a little walk out one afternoon? maybe next summer the weather might be nicer then, it was a little on the damp side this morning.
and luckily for me I only have to ride although I did help muck out the field while I was there (I thought it would count as exercise). My friend lives an hours drive from me so it was also good to catch p with her while I was there-she's missed me ahhh
But I worry that I would really enjoy myself again......we've already got a second home in France and a boat, so I'm not joking when I say I daren't take up another hobby, OH would kill me!
cant you just 'pop' along to sis's and ride occasionally. Much easier way than owning your own.
Not at the moment.....I'm having a new hip in a couple of weeks!

Maybe one of these days.......that'll surprise my sis as she's been trying to get me back on a horse for years......

Enjoy x
lol, go on go for the surprise factor when you can and make sure someone has a camera-for the look on your sisters face!
Is it like riding a bike in that you never forget? It's been over 30 years!
its even easier than riding a bike, just go steady and dont do more than 15-20mins the first time, its about pleasure not pain!
You'll be surprised how much you remember

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