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RC Countdown to Christmas Diet

Hello All! :wavey:

I found this diet book lurking in the back of a cupboard the other day whilst cleaning, and thought I'd give it a shot as I need to lose weight to look remotely decent in the ballgown I have bought for my dance school's Christmas Ball on 19th December. I started yesterday, with exactly 28 days to go.

Has anyone done this diet and did it work? How much weight did you lose (or inches). I would say that if I drop a dress size, the dress will look so much better than it does now (it's a corset laced dress, so does 'fit' already!). Did you do loads of exercise too, or just the diet? I have bought a mini trampoline and hope to use that for 20-30mins a day, I also cycle a minimum of 20mins a day at least 5 days a week, and then there's my weekly dance class (1 1/4 hours) and dance practice.
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SlinkySlimmer !!!
I havent done this specific diet, i ve done the fat attack two weeks then the gi diet after, i would say try do as much exercise as you can anyways. Good Luck for making your dress fit better, im sure you ll look fab no matter what

lizzie xxx
Thanks Lizzie, I have tried to do the RC Low GI Diet a couple of times, and the Fat Attack fortnight nearly killed me (and I nearly killed everyone around me!) lol! I'm looking forward to Rosemary's new book in January, after this 4 week stint, I will enjoy Xmas and then start again when it arrives. I wonder if this new book will be the same as the new diet she is going to do in the classes in Jan? I'm an Expat in Europe, so can't attend classes :-(.


SlinkySlimmer !!!
I really dont know, i want to join the classes but with uni and i start my training again in january im hoping that i can go, otherwise it will be the book way for me too. Ive got her dvd the one with coleen nolan in thats really good and gets a sweat on with me so thats quite good if your looking for another form of exercise.

Good luck
lizzie xxx
I haven't tried it but she has brought a book out this year that is similar - Little Black Dress Shape-up Plan - Drop a Dress Size for Christmas

I guess it must be successful!!
The Dress

I love it - it's so gorgeous in real life, but like so many ballgowns, the sizing has a mind of its own. I bought an 18 (supposedly 43-34-free hip) thinking I could get it taken in where necessary, I'm actually 40.5-32-44, and it's a bit too small! Hence the need to lose a bit of weight by 19th December!



gunna be a fatty for ever
hey !

loving that dress! ive done the fat attack fortnight and it almost killed me! I actually put a pound on in the second week andthen i took me another week to loose that pound. But all in all it took me 4 weekd to loose 9lbs! and i do the class and then also got to boxercise once a week. do need to do a little more tho!

what year is the count down to chrismas diet?

The diet is from 2004, but I have all her books from the very first publication of the Hip & Thigh Diet (I am old lol!).

I am really discouraged this morning. Got on the scales to see how it was going and I haven't lost an ounce :cry:! I've stuck rigidly to the diet too. I've always lost a good few pounds in the first week (mainly in the first few days) on any Rosemary diet I've done. I'm actually beginning to wonder if I have a physical problem. I have gained about a stone in the last couple of months and I swear on my life that the quantity & content of my diet has not changed a bit in that time. Could I have a thyroid problem or something?
If you have any health concerns whatsoever, you are best to go and see your doctor.

With regards to your diet, quite often the scales don't show straight away so don't be disheartened and just carry on and try not to get on the scales until your official weigh-in.



gunna be a fatty for ever
yeah i find that sort of things happen to me! I hope on mid wek and get disheartened! i am slowly curing my scale hoppin habit!

By all means go to the docs asap if you think you have gained and your eating habits have stayed exactly the same.

Have you got the portion pots? i find they are a valuable source in my weight loss journey as i tend to get a little heavy handed with my portions! Comes with living with a man with hollow legs! I was actually suprised at how big of portions i was giving my self! I know u live abroad so i dunno how youd go about getting them but they sell them on ebay at reasonable prices im sure they would deliver to europe!

keep your chin up love! it will start to move soon1

love katie
Thanks Guys. I think I will make an appointment to see my GP, Dutch doctors are pretty useless, but I suppose I can try!

I actually have 2 sets of portion pots (one with and one without the spaghetti hole), and I am weighing and measuring everything to the last gram. I've been on & off diets since I was about 16 (now 38), so it's not like I have no clue how this all works LOL!

I even went to the cinema last night and ate chopped apple instead of popcorn (that was depressing)!

I lost about 2 stone with Rosemary just before I got pregnant with my son (18 years ago), but then regained it all over time. Then I lost about 2 1/2 stone with Weight Watchers just after my daughter was born 7 years ago, but again regained all that too, and now these extra lbs from nowhere! I guess the adage 'nothing tastes as good as slim feels' is not a mantra I can subscribe to!

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