Re feed in 10 days - A few questions as to what is allowed

Discussion in 'Lipotrim Refeeding' started by Zoobabe79, 16 March 2014 Social URL.

  1. Zoobabe79

    Zoobabe79 New Member

    I've been on Lipotrim for nearly 11 weeks now and have planned to start the re-feed with my other half Stevefish69 in 10 days so we are putting a shopping list together. We've both stuck to TRF 100% so don't want to screw up at the last moment.

    Does anyone know if the following foods are allowed in the re-feed week as these are not on the list but some appear in people's re-feed diaries.

    Pickled onions
    Lean steak
    Branston's pickle

    There are probably more, but I can't think of them... Any help would be appreciated.

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  3. stevefish69

    stevefish69 Full Member

    Also when can either tinned Sweetcorn or corn on the cob be introduced :)
  4. abbz

    abbz Silver Member

    Hi guys!
    Congratulations, by the way :)

    After day 3 you can pretty much have whatever you like so long as it's low fat and within the limits stated on the refeed plan (eg. when it says 'up to' a certain amount of something).

    So I would say:
    Eggs: Lots of fat in an egg yolk so you might be better off sticking to just egg whites
    Pickled Onions: Low fat so yes these are fine
    Cheese: As a rule, cheese is fairly fatty but I got away with eating low fat (10%) cheese during the refeed
    Gammon/Bacon: Depends on how it's cooked but it's not exactly lean, I wouldn't risk it
    Lean steak: Lean meat is allowed :)
    Branston's Pickle: Low fat but high in carbohydrates so I'd leave these until day 5 at the latest
    Sweetcorn/corn on the cob: Vegetables are allowed after day 3 as long as they're limited to 1-2 servings per meal

    I hope that helps! But as I said I would leave the above items until after day 3 at least as that's when most food is introduced.

    Good luck with the refeed x
  5. stevefish69

    stevefish69 Full Member

    Thanks for taking the time to Comment - Refeed shop will commence at the weekend :)
  6. YvesR

    YvesR New Member

    Hey I know you two :) I only managed 8 weeks and start refeeding Friday for one reason or another. Lost over 3 stone in that time but I am taking a break for the summer and back on in August. Thanx for being my inspiration!
    Yvette xx
  7. stevefish69

    stevefish69 Full Member

    Hey how you doing. I've only just put 2 and 2 together. Sounds like you've done amazingly well.

    I'll see you again soon hopefully :) x
  8. YvesR

    YvesR New Member

    Yeah really good thank you. Feel great but I had a longer road than you to begin with. Came here to get some refeed advice because my pharmacist doesn't seem as hot as yours. Got plenty :) feeling a bit nervous. Yeah see you soon no doubt. You didn't have trouble with your iron did you?

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  9. stevefish69

    stevefish69 Full Member

    My iron was borderline after I was eating again but was fine whilst on Lipo - Go figure.

    The machine balls up last time I was there and the recent cuts means I'm not due again until next Tuesday. It seems like months ago that I last donated.

    Hopefully I'll see you then
  10. YvesR

    YvesR New Member

    Yep I'm in see you then. I'll be the one stinking of chips with chocolate round me chops.... jk! :)

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  11. stevefish69

    stevefish69 Full Member

    Yvette ;)

    Any chance you could put away a Salmon Cream cheese sarnie for me tomorrow. Can't find you on FB so you must have your security mega high :)

  12. YvesR

    YvesR New Member

    Haha! I'm in Turkey :) call the girls after midday they'll put it by for you. How strange. .... I'll try looking for you x

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  13. stevefish69

    stevefish69 Full Member

    Lol, have fun - I'm not jealous really - look for steve fisher or Suzi Hyde

    Catch ya soon x

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