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Re-feed question


Back to reality!
Hi guys,
Need a bit of advice- Not looking to do this for a month and a half but I'm a bit of a control freak and want to plan ahead!
I have been doing TFR which is great and I'm happy with but I need/want to re-feed before I go on holiday the end of June. I would ideally like to get down to 9 stone but I reckon I get down to 10 stone by then. I have had a look through the re-feed plans and I was just wondering about everyone's experience on re-feed - how much weight have you lost etc. Also is it possible to have 2 shakes a day and an evening meal?
You advice and experience would be greatly appreciated!
T x
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I'm doing refeed right now and I seem to be losing weight faster than on TFR :eek:
Though that's just the first 3 days so far.
Once I start eating carbs, it might be different.

But I do find that if you stick to the plan 100%, you'll still lose weight or at least stay the same


Back to reality!
Thanks for your advice guys. From what I understand from some other poeple's posts I can re-feed as per usual and then do maintenance with two shakes a day?
I have got 37 days to lose at least 20lbs and I'm not sure I can do it! Been stepping up my exercise so hopefully that will help. I don't think tbh I will have the willpower to go back onto tfr after my re-feed so may have to look into other options such as CD.
Sparkling fairy- how are you getting on now? Have you hit the carbs yet lol?
T x
Hit the carbs yesterday and lost half a pound :p
Didn't eat the potato at night though. I ate a pita stuffed with salad and some mince meat for lunch. And then just normal salad and chicken for dinner.
I figure I would introduce my body to carbs slower, since I've noticed in the past that carbs give me cravings.

Though have to say, I had to make myself eat my dinner, because the pita made me feel full for a very long time!

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